Like most other people, you would probably also not have forgotten about what happened in February that shook the plates of the internet. Yes, we’re referring to the drama that involved Tristan Thompson denying that he had something going on with Jordyn Woods who came to the Red Table Talks show to reveal that there was no affair, just that the NBA player had leaned down to kiss her, to even her own surprise.

Many had thought that after this dramatic tragedy, some cracks were bound to surface in the relationship between half-sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Well, just as it always is in the case of this klan, these sisters have not let anything come between them and now their bond is “stronger than ever.”

This is what a source reported to US Weekly: “They are focused on the kids, and moving forward.” The insider further added, “Khloé and Kylie will always be extremely close. No man or outsider will ever come between them. If anything, Khloé and Kylie are stronger than ever.”

So clearly, Tristan or Jordyn, who’s been referred to as an outsider here, are not any more a cause of concern for these sisters. Meanwhile, Jordyn is also living her best life and advancing in her career in more ways than one. And Tristan? It seems like he never cared to begin with. As soon as the scandal broke out, dude was spotted hanging out with some other girl.

For those who don’t know, people were hoping that Kylie would take at least a wee bit of Jordy’s side after she clarified matters on Jada Pinkett Smith’s interview. Woods said that her only mistake was being at Tristan’s house and not telling Khloe that he had kissed her. In her defense, she didn’t want to hurt Khloe more than she was already hurting.