A study by researchers at Ohio State University showed that acetaminophen can negatively impact one’s emotional wellbeing. The effects of this common component of OTC drugs such as Tylenol were tested on a group of 80 college students. These participants were divided into groups of two.

The first group was served 1000 mg of acetaminophen and the second was given placebo. After this, both the groups were given painful stories to read and asked to rate the level of pain they felt. The first group showed less emotional behavior by rating pain levels low. The second gave comparatively higher pain ratings.

As part of a second experiment, 114 students were divided into two teams. Like previously, the first was given a dose of acetaminophen while the second got placebo. This time, the groups were exposed to white noise of up to 105 decibels. Blasts of this white noise lasted for 2 to 4 seconds. Then the participants were asked to rate how annoying they found the noise.

The first group rated the noise less annoying than the other group. With this, it was concluded that taking acetaminophen lowered one’s empathy. A lowered emotional response can cause problems in one’s personal and social life. Moreover, previously, it has been found that acetaminophen is linked to heart problems as it can up the risk of heart attack.

What’s more, the element has also been shown to cause liver damage. Despite this, pharma recommends the use of drugs that contain acetaminophen. This proves that the medical field allows OTC drugs without properly assessing them and evaluating their negative side effects.

This is why it is a better option to go for natural products and solutions rather than OTC drugs. One can go for acupuncture which is a natural Chinese procedure that offers a horde of health benefits.