The past month, reports surfaced saying that Rihanna had broken up with Hassan Jameel. An insider reported to MediaTakeOut, “It’s over… Rihanna broke his heart. That’s what she does, break men’s hearts. Rihanna just got tired of him. She gets tired of men sometimes.”

However, earlier this week, pictures of the Diamond singer vacationing with the Saudi Billionaire made their way to the internet. While these images did offer proof that they were still together, fans also caught a good glimpse of them quarrelling.

In the photographs the Fenty Beauty founder can be seen pointing at the 29-year-old in rage. Hassan Jameel, on the other hand, seems to be defending himself, pointing his hands toward himself and putting his hand on his chest as if telling her that what she’s assuming is incorrect.

The couple is seen seated on a lounger. Rihanna is in an emerald green bikini, smoking a cigarette, being savage. Hassan is seen wearing a blue T-shirt paired with printed shorts, a baseball cap completing his look.

The businessman appeared to be offering an explanation but walked away eventually. Rihanna followed after a while, wrapping a towel around her waist. While the heated argument they were having seemed serious, Twitter is busy turning the photos into hilarious memes!

Fans are tweeting their interpretations of the images, putting forward why they think the couple could be fighting. Bringing Drake, music, Fenty, and a lot more in the mix, the jokes that we’ve come across so far are too funny to ignore!





One person tweeted: ‘i’m dead bc hassan looks like rihanna told him: “men are trash!” and he’s about to hit her with: “not all men!”’ Either way, from the looks of it, it seems that even if they had reunited they might not be dating after this exchange. Rihanna does look very angry in the pics and Hassan, dejected.