Once upon a time, a magical herb lived to reign over the hearts of people. It had immense healing and health benefits for all the people who harnessed its powder. The real powers came from a tiny bioactive component in it, known as curcumin. Curcumin attributed the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to this soother of souls.

Cousin to ginger, and bright yellowish-orange in color, turmeric continued practicing its art of healing wounds and more. Eventually, its recognition and followers grew. It came up to be known outside its typical inhibited land of Asia.

Today, it has become part and parcel of several cosmetics and is packed in supplements too. It is also packed as a ground spice and works in many beauty dermatology products. Science is only just catching up with the merit list that turmeric boosts. So let’s dig deeper into the multiple beauty benefits of turmeric.

The Character of Healing Wounds

The curcumin in turmeric works to give a tough time to body invaders arriving in the spaceship of wounds. This it does so by fighting antioxidants and inflammation. At the same time, turmeric also boosts the body’s resistance to wounds, which also equates to quicker healing of wounds.

Studies have also revealed that turmeric works to positively affect the collagen and skin tissues with the end being quicker healing.

A clinical study ‘The Impact of Turmeric Cream on Healing of Caesarean Scar’ that was carried out in the year 2015 to determine the healing effects of turmeric cream on a Caesarean wound concluded, “Turmeric was effective in faster healing of wounds of Caesarean operation. The use of turmeric is suggested to reduce the complications of the wounds from Caesarean section.”

An Acne Savior

There no seeing sunshine for your pimples when turmeric comes to the aid in pimple treatment. Turmeric works along two panes. Firstly, it works to treat inflammation with its superb skills in the field of anti-inflammation.

Secondly, turmeric is also used to control the oily skin from dripping oil, which is another beauty benefit of turmeric.  As part of face wash, the herb works wonder. The next thing you know, your acne goes ‘poof’

Service As An Anti-Aging Agent

Current theories on anti-aging orbit around the axis of chronic inflammation. This culminates in slow dysregulation of cells, proteins, and organs. It also sets the stage for an overabundance of free radicals that attack the connective tissues and cells.

Since turmeric has natural moves in the art of anti-inflammation and also works the double shift of an antioxidant, it helps counter the aging effects. A study observed that a diet including curcumin in insects showed a longer life. Research has also added that turmeric in creams works to dramatically minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines along with a reduction in dark spots.

The Chapter of Cancer Cure and Prevention

The feats of curcumin are being further explored. One of the latest recognitions including its services as an anti-cancer treatment. The natural ingredient works to selectively target and kills tumor cells while leaving the innocent, normal cells intact. This is yet to be achieved by chemotherapy treatment.

A cherry on top of this is the super amazing ability of turmeric in curbing the pre-cancer cells from turning into malignant.

The Warrior for Natural Glow

The antioxidant composition and anti-inflammatory feature come into play again. These properties help add shine to your skin and revive it to bring back its natural glow.

Of course, you will need a mask for this. For an effective DIY turmeric mask, you will need to mix together honey, Greek yogurt, and turmeric. Then apply it on your face and let it sit there for 15 minutes. Wash off with water for a glowing you.

Bonus: A Turmeric Face Mask for All the Skin Miracles Together

This mask will help to clear your skin, smoothen it and minimize the appearance of your pores. All you need to do is to firstly, heat a teaspoon of honey for 10-15 seconds in a microwave. Next, combine the honey with a teaspoon of yogurt and turmeric.

Apply the paste on your skin and let the mask dry and harden for around 20-30 minutes. Lastly, rinse with warm water. In case of turmeric stains, wipe off with a facial toner.