Fans of PLL, here’s a piece of news for you; Spencer Hastings is no more a brunette. Troian Bellisario just drove down the rose gold hair trend road and she looks absolutely stunning. She has joined the group of other celebs who have embraced this hair color recently. Cameron Dallas was seen sporting rose gold hair in a buzz cut last month.

However, her new hair color, that she debuted on Instagram yesterday is far from pink-ish. Because pink blonde is now a thing of the past. Her latest hair color is more on the pink + orange = peach side. With dark roots and peach bleached strands, Troian looks very different than what we are used to. Peach blonde is unique and pretty, though it is quite difficult to maintain.

Troian captioned her latest look’s picture “🍑 baby” telling the world clearly that her new hue is peach not pink. Her new look doesn’t just end at the color change, but she’s also got a haircut. Her hair no longer reaches her shoulders, and like Salena Gomez and Nina Dobrev, she now has a bob cut. Her signature curls have also vanished and been replaced by straight locks.


We have no idea whether this is a permanent change or just a wig. Troian’s caption suggests that it is anything but fake. But considering the actress has never before veered too far from her natural look, this might as well be just a wig. To find out we’ll have to glue our eyes to her Instagram.

The Into You singer Ariana Grande also let go of brown to replace it with silver blonde; a huge change. So, fingers crossed. Troian’s latest hairstyle frames her face perfectly and adds a glow to her face. We love it as much as we love her natural chestnut curls. So whether she now has a brown mane or peach, we’re totally smitten with her either way.