The Hadid sisters and the Kar-Jenner ladies have always had a hold on the fashion industry. Everything these women do, starts a trend. Which is exactly why Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have often been slammed for not using their influencer status wisely.

However, our focus right now is on the Hadid girls. Remember when thanks to these two families fanny packs became a thing? They started off as a nod to the 90’s but soon occupied more than just the visitors’ shelf. They became an essential and sold out like hot cakes!

They managed to kick shrunken bags off their place and lived to conquer even small backpacks. There’s no denying that despite being small they definitely are more functional than tiny backpacks and mini handbags. However, we believe that its time for belt bags to be replaced.

Their reign has lasted for more than a year now and we’re sure it’s about to decline soon. Why? Because Bella Hadid has been spotted carrying a new style. Yep, you heard that right. Welcome mini one-shoulder backpacks. They offer the same space and practicality that belt bags do.

Some people also refer to them as sling backpacks. However, for now, we’ve seen just the smallest versions as the trendiest. The younger Hadid sister was seen outside the Dior Men Spring/Summer 2019 show recently carrying one.

Clad in a neon yellow suit, with her short, straight hair loose, Hadid had Prada’s new nylon backpack on. The orange backpack didn’t make headlines like the highlighter yellow suit did. However, we know Bella Hadid’s technique is going to be subtle.

We wouldn’t be surprised if designer labels and then mid-range brands soon start prioritizing these one-shoulder backpacks. What we love? The fact that a new accessory is here to try for the summer! Bet Kendal, Kylie, and Gigi will be trying the one-shoulder backpack look soon.

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