Packing your travel bag can be difficult job. Often because your heart will tell you to stuff your entire closet in the duffel bag while your mind will try to make you resist the urge to do so. This tug of war between your heart and your mind can confuse you and make you forget the clothing items that you should pack.

Most people make the mistake of taking along clothes they wouldn’t even need there, and which would most probably keep sitting in the bag for the entire trip along with forgetting to take the essentials. The goal: to stuff all useful wardrobe items and ensure that they take minimal space.

The basics

The clothing that your travel bag carries depends a lot on the destination you are headed to. You have to take into account several factors. These include the culture of the country, the weather over there, your reason for travel, and the activities you plan to engage in.

For instance, swimwear is a must if you are travelling to Florida, and a cute pair of shorts can accompany you towo. But if you are planning a trip to India, you have to be more careful of your dressing choices. If you are headed there for water sports activities or hiking, your clothes would have to be in accordance with that.

6 Wardrobe Essentials That You Must Take Along

Need some help with packing? We’ve readied a list of wardrobe must-haves that you should take along when travelling.

A few tees

A few basic t-shirts that you think can go with all your pairs of jeans should be a part of your travel bag. The best look when travelling is one that is simple. Make sure that the tees that you do decide to take along don’t crinkle all that soon and are made with a durable fabric.

A pair of blue denim jeans

Because of how denim jeans are an essential of every wardrobe, they shouldn’t be missed when travelling either. When travelling, take along a navy-blue pair of jeans which would work with all of the tops and uppers that have a reserved spot in your travel bag.

A tote and a cross-body bag

A tote bag that can house all your essentials including an extra set of clothing items must be taken along as well. While at it, stuff a smaller cross-body bag in the tote as well. Because when you are strolling on the streets of a foreign land, you might need a small bag so that you can leave the bigger one with more stuff back at your hotel room or wherever you are staying.

A flowy maxi dress

Another wardrobe basic that should fly with you is a flowy maxi dress. Go for one which would look as lovely at a beach as it would in a mall. So, in case, there’s a party to attend, you’re not entirely unarmed as well.

A scarf

Depending on the weather of your travel destination, you should also take a scarf, woolen one or chiffon one, along. A scarf can help make a boring dress look better. It can also be used to coverup in case need be.

Reliable footwear

Your shoes must always be durable when traveling. You wouldn’t want to deal with footwear emergencies in case your shoes let you down mid-adventure. Go for sneakers, which happen to be a popular choice around the globe and around the year.

That compiles our list of clothes that should definitely be a part of your travel wardrobe.