Gender has finally been recognized outside the shallow concept of biology. It is being welcomed as a wide spectrum of identities that do not have to be restricted to being only ‘man’ or only ‘women.’ There is more to gender and its inclusion has been lately demanding an immediate spot in the limelight.

Topshop has taken such a step to embrace all the genders by moving over the boundaries of changing rooms being limited to male and female. The fitting rooms at the store will no longer be tagged and dedicated to the conventional gender stereotypes. In fact, this move of gender-neutral changing rooms is a great one in the direction of gender equality that allows everyone to use the same cubicle for trying new outfits.

So what sparked the gender-neutral dressing rooms at the fashion company’s stores? The move is a result of a customer discrimination that occurred at the store some time ago. Travis Alabanza is basically a performance artist who identifies as transfeminine. It was this customer who was prevented from using a women’s fitting room after having to wait a long time in a queue.

Alabanza shared that the preference for online shopping on account of such gender discrimination. Alabanza revealed, “I normally online shop for this reason… But we were going in a group [to an event] so I thought it would be fun to go shopping in a group. We were in quite a good mood and all found outfits that we all wanted to wear.”

However, after such an encounter, Alabanza tweeted “Hey @topshop, I just experienced transphobia in your Manchester store. Not letting me use the changing room I decide is s***, sort it out.”

Although the policy change was made in October but Topshop has disclosed it to the public in the aftermath of this incident.