Admit it, you have always wanted the world to be a place of rainbows and unicorns because the opposite is just straight away cliché. Some time ago, someone would have snapped you out of your dream. But guess what? Dream do come true with Too Faced sending magic your way with the launch of the Too Faced Life’s A Festival Collection.

Coming collection is a highly creative Life’s A Festival Collection by Too Faced so you can look totally unique this spring. The complete collection consists of the following makeup units:

  1. La Crème Mystical Effects Lipsticks

The La Crème Mystical Effects Lipsticks are priced at $22 for each shade. These are color shifting lipsticks that will melt your heart completely. Colors coming through the Too Faced magic portal:

  • Unicorn Tears: This one is a holographic bluish purple color
  • Angel Tears: Angel Tears lip color has a gold tint to it
  • Fair Tears: This hue has hints of pink
  • Mermaid Tears: As its name suggests, the mermaid tone is purple and green duo
  1. Magic Rainbow Strobing Brush

This one is set at a price of $34. The brush is best suitable for contouring and highlights. It has a unicorn horn handle and teddy bear hair to align with the unicorn and rainbows theme.

  1. Life’s a Festival Peace, Love & Unicorns Eye Shadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette contains 12 different shades. These shades boast a different finish each, ranging from creamy matte, satin, pearl, and duo chrome. There is a Unicorn Tears highlighter present as well. This palette of the Too Faced Life’s A Festival Collection is for $42.

  1. Unicorn Tears Iridescent Mystical Bronzer

The Unicorn Tears Iridescent Mystical Bronzer is marked for $30. It is both a bronzer and highlighter.

  1. Festival Refresh Mystical Effects illuminating Setting Spray

The name narrates what this component of the Life’s A Festival Collection is. It is set at a price of $24.

  1. Magic Crystal Transforming Lip Gloss

These are holographic glosses that come in different shades. These are for $19 with shades that are complimentary with the lip shades. The lip glosses are called:

  • Unicorn Tears
  • Angel Tears
  • Fairy Tears
  • Mermaid Tears
  1. Rainbow Strobe Rainbow Effect Highlighter

The Rainbow Strobe Rainbow Effect Highlighter is infused with Rose Quartz powder. It is for $30.

  1. Unicorn Horn Mystical Effects Highlighting Stick

This part of the Too Faced upcoming collection is for $28. It is shaped like unicorn horns to go with the theme of the collection. It brings forth two shades called.

  • Unicorn Tears
  • Unicorn Dreams

Too Faced Life’s A Festival Collection is coming out on February 15 on the official website of the beauty brand. It will be present on at Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Hsn, and on February 18. The collection will be up for grabs in stores from March 4 at Ulta Beauty and Macy’s In Store. On March 8, the Too Faced collection will be available at the Sephora store.