Fashion designers seem to be very much obsessed with bum revealing trousers. Remember when ASOS presented open back jeans, Vetements collaborated with Levi’s and introduced the bumster jeans? Or when Topshop created PVC panels and Re/Done gave us high-rise ass rip jeans? Well, brace yourselves for another shocking bum-exposing trend that has become the butt of the joke on Twitter. (pun intended)

Japanese designer Meiko Ban just flaunted Thibaut jeans, more popularly known as thong jeans at the Amazon Tokyo Fashion Week. These jeans are ripped from the front and the back with only the seams left; exposing almost everything! The model who sashayed down the runway sporting these jeans had them paired with a nude bodysuit taking high-fashion too far.

Everyone is giving different views about how such a pair of jeans might have come into existence. While some believe that a regular pair of jeans has been chopped by a lawn mower, a Twitter user was of the view that “Possibly “Clothes after a being put through a wood chipper.”” Another commented, “Who is making these pants? It’s like someone let a 3rd grader with scissors loose in a Wal Mart.

Twitter basically has had a lot to say about this trend and we understand why. One of the Twitterati said, “Thong jeans exist now and wasn’t that one of the signs of the apocalypse?” Another tweeted saying, “I won’t even wear thong underwear. There’s no easy I’m wearing thong jeans.” Yet another one said. “This is the most impractical and ugliest thing I’ve ever seen…would never wear it

I would prefer to wear nothing.. than this….nonsense,” people are very unimpressed. From the looks of it, this trend is going to be one of those street style trends, that attracts a lot of attention but not as many admirers. One Twitter user even said, “This planet really just needs an asteroid hit

All tattered, these jeans have taken rear-baring to a whole new level. Just when you thought mud smeared jeans and plastic jeans couldn’t have any challengers. Even the jeans by Levi’s wasn’t this exposing. If this is what street style will look like in 2018, we don’t even want to know how people would walk around in 2020.

One Instagram fashion news outlet, fashion_critic_, posted a picture of these jeans with the caption, “Place your bets on who will be the first celebrity to wear the worlds first thong jeans. . #thongjeans” A whole lot of people think that the answer to that is pretty obvious; Kylie Jenner. Others commented saying Kardashians. “lady Gaga duh,” said one user. While Rihanna, Bella Thorne, and Gigi Hadid also had several people’s votes.

This is the second Japanese trend in a row that has everyone talking about it (remember fried chicken leg pants?) Come to think of it, no matter how absurd these jeans look, they would be quite comfortable considering the pair would allow for ventilation when the heat gets too much to bear. But then again you wouldn’t want the seams to get caught in some hook and tear. That is, if further tearing is even possible.

While most people have cringed at the thong jeans, somewhere around the globe there might be people waiting to get their hands on this trend. Debuted as the brand’s Spring Summer 2018 collection, these ripped jeans will hit the stores next year, for all those interested. As reported by Yahoo Style, UK, the thong jeans aren’t available for sale currently.