Ryan Garcia, rising star in the boxing world, wants to date Selena Gomez.

Earlier today, TMZ reported that the 20-year-old boxer has told the media outlet about his wish to date the Taki Taki singer. He said, “She’s single so lemme shoot my shot.” Getting bold, he flung a proposal Gomez’s way. “Lemme take you out!”

Ryan boasts a 17-0 record and has a contract with Golden Boy Promotions by Oscar De La Hoya. The lad was only 17 when he touched pro level back in 2016. “I would protect you, you know,” Garcia further added. Will Gomez respond to him? We can’t say for sure.

As per sources, Selena Gomez is not ready for a relationship yet and is focusing entirely on her health and wellness. After her breakup with Justin Bieber earlier last year, she didn’t enter any new relationship. Her name was linked to Justin Theroux for a while, but nothing happened there.

Soon after the Baby singer signed marriage papers with Hailey Baldwin, Gomez was admitted to a rehab facility after visiting the hospital twice due to complications posed by her lupus. Gomez then stayed out of the radar for a few months and made her way back last month.

Since then, the popstar has been seen out and about with friends and she looks good. However, she has not been spotted with any new man. Looks like Ryan Garcia thought that there couldn’t be a better opportunity for him.

Selena Gomez is popular among the guys. Even the girls, for that matter. She’s the second most-followed person on Instagram. Charlie Puth is said to have been one of her biggest lovers and The Weeknd too. Abel Tesfaye is currently dating his ex, Bella Hadid, though. Anyway, Ryan Garcia can stand in the queue. Let’s see how this goes for him if it does go in any direction at all, that is.