The first expression that the chunky sneaker trend met was a frown. Balenciaga had introduced the trend on the runway last year, immediately bringing forth giggles as people went on to point out how silly the style was. A version of the chunky shoe trend also got named dad sneakers. While ugly was the word that was initially attached to these thick-soled shoes, the same is not the case anymore.

Fast forward to now and everyone wants to sport this trend. Now chunky shoes are getting spring-appropriate makeovers with an injection of other big sneaker trends of the year. Since sneakers have become a popular choice among both men and women, and are being worn for more style than sport, they are coming out one on another. There are several choices available, but if you’re looking for unique chunky sneakers, then these three might as well be your next favs:

Stella McCartney’s Chunky Eclypse Sneaker in Rainbow

The chunky Eclypse sneaker by Stella McCartney had made quite a statement went it first came out in neutral colorways. So the designer decided to add a pop of personality to the shoe and gave it a unicorn-y vibe. Now the front of the sole of the shoe has neon shades of pink, yellow, and green. Comfy and snazzy, this pair would look lovely with a pair of cropped jeans.

Fila MB Mesh Women’s Chunky Sneaker

Spring and floral designs go hand in hand and Fila has done a good job creating a silhouette that captures this bond. The sneaker is mesh and leather, the material is breathable, black with white sole. The embroidery on the sidewalls of the white sole is what stands out the most and bests all other qualities of this chic design.

Prada’s Chunky Cloudbust Sneaker in Nero/Pink

Chunky meets feminine and oh-so-beautiful in Prada’s Nero/Pink version of its Chunky Cloudbust Sneaker. The design of this pair bows down to high fashion ever so slightly with bubblegum-like soles. Black mesh with rubber overlays in pink, black, and grey serve the contrast tray perfectly. The hook and loop strap adds to the overall factor of coziness.