While Justin Bieber’s emotional reaction following Selena Gomez’s hospitalization was something he couldn’t hide, The Weeknd is making sure that he doesn’t cause further upheaval in his ex’s life by interfering.

Justin Bieber might not have confirmed whether or not he has reached out to the 26-year-old, news of him being upset might have reached her ears. The Weeknd, aka Abel Tesfaye, doesn’t want anything of that sort.

Not because he is avoiding attention but because he doesn’t want to stress Selena’s feelings. The Earned It singer still does care for her though. After his breakup with the former Disney actress last year, he started wooing another ex of his, Bella Hadid.

Only recently have Bella and Abel made their relationship status Insta-public. A source told Hollywood Life, “Abel has not reached out to Selena, or her family, and he has no intentions of doing so right now.”

The insider further added, “Do not take that as meaning he doesn’t care though, because he does – of course he does – he just doesn’t want to potentially stir the pot or unintentionally cause any more issues for Selena.”

This does not mean that he doesn’t plan on reaching out to his ex-girlfriend at all. According to above source, The Weekend might send his good wishes Gomez’s way once her treatment is complete and she’s doing completely fine.

Is not that very thoughtful of the 28-year-old Canadian singer? There is a drastic change in his behavior when you compare it to what he probably intended to do earlier this year.

In his song Call Out My Name, the singer had indicated that he had almost donated his kidney to Selena Gomez. Fans were not impressed with this call for attention. One of the lyrics sang, “I almost cut a piece of myself for your life.”