Upset that this would be the last season of The Originals? Don’t be yet. The idea that there would be a spin-off series coming out that would revolve around Hope Mikaelson’s story has been solidified as reported by Deadline. Fans of TO know that this show was a spin-off of the immensely popular The Vampire Dairies series. However, it never felt like that as the story-line was linked yet entirely separate.

Last summer Julie Plec had hinted at that there might be a Hope-centric spin-off and hopefully we’ll be getting the pilot soon. If all goes well, we wouldn’t have to re-watch The Originals to get our dose of the vampire-witch-werewolf world. Instead, we’d have another show to look forward to! And while nothing has been confirmed about this yet, we might as well be catching glimpses of Hope’s family every now and then.

The stars that we would definitely be seeing include Danielle Rose Russel aka the actress who’ll play Hope in the upcoming season of The Originals and Matt Davis who has taken up his role as Alaric on TO after staring on TVD. Aria Shahghasemi who will be playing Landon in TO’s season 5 will also be a part of the new spin-off. Three new actors Quincy Fouse, Jenny Boyd and Kaylee Bryant will be there as well.

However, the pilot for this potential new show will not be a regular one or a “backdoor pilot” like The Originals had. Instead, the pilot would be a compilation of clips from the last season of TO showing Hope’s story. Nellie Andreeva of Deadline writes, “There also could be some limited new footage in the presentation, which, along with creator Plec’s pitch for the new series, will be in consideration for the CW’s 2018-19 schedule alongside the network’s record 9 pilots this season.”