There was a time when mismatching made Anna look odd. She was a fan of it but even if she wore mismatched socks her mum would smile at her and tell her to find the right pair. At school Anna could never make the mistake of wearing two different earrings; once she had and the kids had laughed at her, mocked her for days.

Fortunately, we’ve left that time behind. Today everyone is embracing the mismatch trend, big brands like Céline and Calvin Klein have encouraged this trend, selling pieces that complement each other but don’t look exactly alike. Middle-ranged brands like Accessorize have also stepped into this trend with mismatched earrings that look fabulous and chic.

Salena Gomez is the latest celebrity who hopped on this bandwagon and gave people all the reasons why mismatching is the coolest trend ever. Mismatching is no more considered peculiar instead it is the perfect way to look unique. When it comes to mismatching your look, you don’t have to stick to the rules. You can just wear an outfit that defies what’s normal or you can wear mismatched accessories. Here are a few ways you can mismatch your look:

Mismatched earrings

Mismatched studs and earrings are so in, that you can easily find a pair from any brand. You can also spread all your sets in front of yourself and mix and match but unless you have a keen eye for these sort of things, better not rely on that. Mismatched earrings come in a variety of different styles. For instance, there are sets with the same ear pieces but one big another small. Then there are those that have two different studs. If your ears have multiple piercings, you can decorate both ears differently.

Clashing colors

Another way you can brighten up your look and try something rather unconventional is by wearing colors that don’t go with the rest of your look. Winters are almost here and the best way you can do this is by wearing a coat or a jacket that doesn’t match the rest of your look’s color scheme. Or you can wear shoes of a color that doesn’t match with your outfit. Or carry a bag that is a shade brighter.

Mismatched shoes

Take the quirkiness a step further and sport a pair of mismatched heels. Nicole Kidman wore a pair of mismatched heels at the Emmy’s this year. Both her sandals had a different placement of the embellishment. Then Gomez just a few days ago, at the InStyle Awards, wore a pair that had mismatched heels. Several fashion houses have presented their versions with same shoes of different colors. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a pair of blue pumps of her own line with pendants that didn’t match.

Clashing patterns

Double prints, you can actually do that. A brave and bold move but if you do it correctly it can be eye-catching and appealing. Make sure that you don’t wear two popping prints together though. You can wear a polka dots print with stripes. You can wear floral with flannel. Think out of the box and pair two patterned pieces as a single outfit.

Mismatched bags

Planning on carrying two bags at once? You no more have to make certain that both are the same or even similar. You can carry two entirely different bags without being considered freakish. Gucci has given a thumbs-up to this trend and you should too. Céline’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection exhibited a bag with a pouch hanging by its strap of a different color yet one that went with the bag.