Ever since Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married two things have happened a lot – ono, loads of pictures of these two hanging out in casual clothes have surfaced online. Duos, reports saying that they are going through a rough patch in their life have made their way to the internet.

Recently, Justin Bieber took to Instagram to tell his fans that he wasn’t doing his best. “Been struggling a lot. Just feeling super disconnected and weird,” Bieber told his fans on the photo-sharing app. Following this revelation, US Weekly shared that a source had told the outlet that the couple is not living the best phase of its marriage lately.

The source said that Justin and Hailey are “still having trust issues and a hard time.” The use of the word “still” clearly implies that these two have been having trust issues for a long time now. They’re having a hard time adjusting to their wedding even though they haven’t exactly even walked down the aisle yet.

“He still wants and needs her to be his wife and she wants to support him. But it’s hard when he’s going through all of this,” further added the insider. This definitely doesn’t sound good because apart from trust issues, these two have also had a hard time agreeing with one another

A previous report said that the Baby singer feels “empty” after his marriage to Hailey Baldwin. What’s more, Justin Bieber and his wife also immediately started fighting with each other after they got married as per one report. Fans on the internet have expressed several times that perhaps Bieber is not in true love with Hailey and both of them just rushed into marriage.

However, don’t worry. There’s a good chance that they are both doing perfectly well as a couple despite the negative news. “Hailey is not going to leave Justin and he won’t leave her either,” said the source. “She’s been so supportive of him throughout this process.”

This means that regardless of what these two are going through, they’re solid. Ups and downs are a part of every relationship. Here’s to hoping they don’t breakup because that will literally mean love is dead. Also, let’s hope they do decide to have a proper wedding ceremony soon which is not hidden from the eyes of fans. After all, we all want to see these two reading their vows.