When life gives you glitter, it’s time to sparkle.

Recently, the makeup world has started to introduce more and more glitter cosmetics. They are not just beautiful, they can subtly glitter up your look as well. In particular, the shiny eyeliner (remember, how Too Faced blessed with these amazing glittery liners just a little time back?) So much so that it is going to be capturing attention and radiating awesomeness on Halloween too. These days, there is some shine in everything from cutesy metallic bags to sequined ensembles.

Which is good news, because who doesn’t want to glow? Glittery makeup above all has the spotlight on itself. Celebrities like Salena Gomez, Perrie Edwards and many more have sported it. Also, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line launched its Galaxy Collection recently that is all about sparkly and radiant makeup.

First off, no matter what never use your regular glitter as makeup. You don’t want to irritate your own eyes. Use only cosmetic glitter, it has been invented for a reason. Store glitter is for crafts and it doesn’t sit well on the skin and may as well cause an adverse reaction.

You don’t necessarily have to paste on glitter in loads on yourself. Rather, you can do it the classy way and keep the look subtle yet aesthetically appealing. Here are some ways you can cheer up your look and polish it to a shine! (pun intended)


Black eyeliners are mainstream, try something new. You can just sketch on a silver glitter liner either all on its own with some mascara or you can apply a thin line over a black liner. Or you can rock the thumbprint liner trend in a glittery way like Gigi Hadid.

These days, the glittery eye mask is also in but that look should be left for parties. Under the eye, glitter liner is another trend that is racing around and you can sport that too for a change. You can also go for a metallic eyeliner, that doesn’t cause a fallout but gives you the princess look.


There are a lot of glittery nail polishes on the market but nail art is more in vogue. You can either go for that or buy nail jewels for your fingernails. Litter glitter on the tip of your nails for a unique look or coat the existing color with a layer of transparent glitter nail polish.


Dabbing on buckets of eyeshadow is not cool. You can go for the minimal look and just apply a small amount of glitter on your lids. Remember less is more and simple is stylish. Apply a little glitter to the middle of your lids and spread. Use a non-toxic eyelash glue to allow it to adhere to the surface rather than rain on your cheeks.


Applying some gloss for a sheen is not equal to glittery lips. It’s like faking your way through the glitter look. Instead of that you can actually get a glitter lip product and follow the shiny lip trend. You would need a lipstick with matching lipliner, glitter, a makeup brush, and a liquid base to use as an adhesive for the glitter.


Another way you can incorporate glitter in your makeup is by painting the glitter highlighter on. Not only does it give your face a glow and make you look mature, but it also makes you stand out. Also, it makes skin look flawless!


Or you can just dust some shimmer on your face and neck and glow everywhere you go. You can wear liquid shimmer or powder shimmer with a brush and illuminate all day long.