As teenagers, we’ve all had intense crushes. And while we’ve all imagined dreamy encounters, most of us who’ve had a chance to meet our celeb crushes have ruined the moment for themselves by being downright silly.

Guess what? This is not limited to just the average person. In fact, celebs behave the same way. The Late Late Show with James Corden recently had Sophie Turner as a guest and the host’s talk with her revealed that she too has had an embarrassing celeb crush moment!

On the episode, the Game Of Thrones star told Corden that when she was 16, she had a huge crush on Justin Bieber. So much so that her mum had also created a photoshop-made cutout of her and Bieber together. This alone shows that Sophie was also crazy about the Baby singer in the peak Belieber era. And when she finally met the dude, she messed it up entirely!

It happened recently at a party in Miami where the 21-year-old was with her fiancé Joe Jonas. Recalling the moment, Turner said, “I met him once when we were in Miami, and we were in this house and I walked upstairs, and I was told that Justin was there … we were getting a tour of the house and he was sat there shirtless.”

When Sophie saw Bieber sitting there shirtless, getting a head massage, she introduced herself in a jiffy and then ran into the closet to contain her excitement. “So I was like, ‘Hi, it’s so nice to meet you, I’m Sophie’ and played it cool, ran into the closet and cried for like five minutes,” the actress told Cohen.

“And then I came out with Joe and Justin goes, ‘Yo, Joe, I heard you got a new girl.’ And Joe was like, ‘yeah, yeah, there she is, over there.’” And guess what Sophie did at this point? She made a vulgar gesture involving her fingers and her tongue! Oh, boy that was hilarious, but we feel embarrassed for Sophie! “Of all of the things I thought you were gonna say that you did, that wasn’t it,” is what James Corden said in response.


The former Jo-Bro bandmate fiancé of hers won’t let her forget this moment and we’re sure the internet wouldn’t either. But hey, isn’t it surprising that celebs also have such weird crushes on other celebs while there are dating celebs? Uh, whatever. This was just soo relatable!