Fans think Selena Gomez is copying another artist’s ideas. The social media sensation who has the highest number of followers on the app only recently started sharing stills from her song Back To You on Instagram.

The song which was created for Thirteen Reasons Why Season 2, had its music video released this Tuesday. Selena showcased previews on her Insta account. She shared retro pictures taken from the song featuring subtitles written near the bottom.

The style of artistic expression here is what fans have found similar to Sarah Bahbah’s work. The Palestinian artist born in Australia is being tagged in the comments section by her fans who are accusing Selena, telling the Hands To Myself singer that she should credit Sarah for picking her ideas.

Gomez’s fans have also come forward to defend her saying that using vintage-ish pictures with subtitles written on them are not Sarah’s property. They are of the view that Selena Gomez has not necessarily copied the 26-year-old.

The video of the song features Gomez meeting a mysterious man at a party and driving off on adventures with him in a stolen car. On one hand, the former Disney actress is being blamed while on the other hand, fans are obsessed with the video.

The video garnered more than 500,000 views in mere hours! A segment of the audience also believes that Back To You is about her relationship with Justin Bieber. They think that the love story that goes on in cycles in the song is very much like her relationship with the Never Say Never crooner.

Fans have been expressing how much they love Selena Gomez, the video, and her looks in it on social media. About Gomez being accused of copying Sarah Bahbah’s style, neither of the two has said anything. Let’s see where this goes if it goes anywhere at all.