For a few months now, people have been questioning if Kylie Jenner is preggers. Now, Daily Mail and a lot of other sources think that she may be expecting her second child. The rumor has been reignited thanks to a story Khloe Kardashian posted on Instagram.

Said post is of the Good American founder’s 35th birthday in which some think Kylie can be heard saying “I’m pregnant.” However, the person saying these words cannot be seen on the screen. So, it can be that people are just making rumors out of a pile of nothing.


But fans are swearing that voice of the person who is making this confession is that of the Kylie Cosmetics founder. At the same time though, Jenner has also posted a picture to her Instagram stories, that of a cocktail which she certainly wouldn’t indulge in had she actually been pregnant.

The makeup maestro has not yet responded to these rumors, but she may soon as the fire has only spread today. In the last few months fans have also been trying to decode what they think are hints from the 22-year-old’s side.

Sources have also been indicating at Jenner’s desire of having another child with her boyfriend, Travis Scott. An insider said in January that news of her second pregnancy would be breaking out “sooner rather than later.”

Meanwhile another source told E! in May that the billionaire thinks a lot about having another baby. This insider also said that she’s hoping to be “pregnant by next year.” The biggest bomb of all regarding this matter was dropped by Kylie herself when she wished her rapper BF on Instagram on his birthday in April.

Jenner shared a series of lovey-dovey shots with him and added a caption that read let’s mess around “and have another baby.” Let’s just hope that even if she is expecting, Stormi’s mama doesn’t hide it from her fans this time around.