That moment when you talk about something without being too informed about it. Hashtag awkward. Topshop has been caught for a similar mistake. The company is being slammed for selling a shirt that reads vegan on the front, with a major information error on the tag. The label reads a recipe that has ingredients that cannot be categorized as part of a vegetarian’s diet.

The retail store is not truly deserving of all the laughs on the internet though. Because the brand behind this mistake is Tee & Cake. The shirt is pretty eye-catchy in pink with vegan written on its face along with a herbivorous dinosaur. The dinosaur represents that veganism has been a concept since the beginning of time. A creative idea indeed.

But the tag inside the shirt includes a cake recipe with two ingredients that are not vegan. The ingredient list comprises sugar, butter, eggs, flour, baking powder, and vanilla extract. As it can be seen, it wasn’t a very wise move by the brand to include butter and eggs there. Of course, this caught Twitter’s attention.

One person wrote, “@Topshop may want to check what vegan means! Haha.” According to The Sun, a spokeswoman of Topshop responded to this incident. She said, “The T-shirt is a brand that we stock at Topshop called Tee & Cake. The label is across all of the T-shirts in the line. As the brand is called Tee and Cake it has a whimsical recipe in the label. The label is nothing to do with what’s on the front of the T-shirt.”

The publication also mentioned that despite what the internet is saying ProVeg UK’s director, Jimmy Pierson has approved this move of Topshop. He said, “We love Topshop’s ‘vegan dino’ T-shirts, despite the printing error on the label! It’s very clearly an oversight from the manufacturer, nothing more – they use this same label on every item in their range.” That makes sense. Also, those shirts are cute!