Um, okay. So, Anwar Hadid and Kendall Jenner made out for hours on end on June 4. Does that come off as a surprise? Yes. Why? Because from what we had known he and Nicole Peltz were dating until this bomb dropped. Also, because Kendall is best friends with Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid who happen to be Anwar’s elder sisters.

The 18-year-old is hot, and we can’t blame Kendall Jenner but right now we’re not sure what to make out of this hookup. Are these two beautiful people dating or was this just a random make out session? Anwar and Kendall have known each other for years and only now have the two been spotted locking lips.

Following this recent news, Anwar unfollowed girlfriend Nicole on Instagram who also unfollowed him – along with unfollowing the entire Hadid family. Odd on Nicole’s part considering she has spoken so fondly about the Hadid sisters in the past.

“He comes from such an amazing family. Gigi and Bella are so, so sweet. I just love his family so much. They’re feminine, strong girls. To have that around is amazing,” Nicole had said back in 2016. Fans have known about Anwar and Nicole’s relationship for one and a half year now. The former couple had also recorded an intimate video for Love Magazine.

TMZ shared snaps of Kendall and Anwar saying that they had been “kissing, cuddling, and drinking” for two hours straight. For those who don’t know, Anwar is also a model and is super close to his mum Yolanda Hadid and supermodel sisters.

Now that his ex-girlfriend Nicole is not following Gigi, Bella, and Yolanda anymore on Insta, and is not sharing any Insta stories with Anwar, we’re sure that using ‘ex’ applies. Bella and Gigi are also not following her back whereas Yolanda Hadid still is. The only Hadids Nicole is following on Instagram are Anwar’s step-sisters.