Love for eyeshadows is evergreen. It never dies. In fact, every time a new color or eyeshadow palette drops, it has our love renewed. This refreshed love has us waiting for the launch of the color so that more creative looks can be tried on. To get to the point though, your love for eyeshadows is about to spike to the peak again with the new Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Edit EyeShadow Trio.

Smashbox Beauty Cosmetics is coming out with 3 new eyeshadow colors. And by the look of it, you’d keep going sparkly! The three colors have three distinctive finishes. Each shade complements the other so that you can create the perfect look for the coming season.

The new Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Edit EyeShadow Trio is coming in the same old packaging that of the camera lens. It offers three shades in three finishes. The old eyeshadow piece we had is shared below but this one is in the same packaging with different colors. Check out the previous shades in the same eyeshadow trio collection:

Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Edit EyeShadow Trio


This one is a mini, handy gray eyeshadow trio. It contains the shades of matte black, silver foil, and warm gray. But the colors of this Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Edit EyeShadow Trio have not been revealed yet.

On top of the lovely colors, the ultra-portable tray is cruelty-free. The color combination is mind-blowing. And the formula of these eyeshadows is pigmented. All shades are made to complement your skin tone.

For now, we don’t know when this eyeshadow trio is to be coming out. The Instagram page of Smashbox Beauty Cosmetics is only teasing us. With the sneak peak of the new photo edit eyeshadow trio colors, the brand just says, “Something sparkly is dropping soon!” So, here is to the wait for the new trio of colors.