Selena Gomez is in the headlines again for bringing the best haircut forward. This time her drastic hair makeover doesn’t move in the forward direction but rather in the backward one. The diva who showed off some stunningly edgy looks last year with a blunt bob and a platinum painted lob, has this time around returned to her signature style.

While we may not have seen her debut the exact same look before, one can easily catch a waft of old Selena. The former Disney star was seen sitting front row at Coach’s 2018 show at the New York Fashion Week. Her hair attracted all the attention as she came with waist-length long waves and bangs cuter than ever. Plus, the blonde do is gone and replaced by her signature brown.

The star who is often in the news for different reasons has proved that when it comes to embracing old hairstyles and old lovers, you should not really hesitate all that much. Because in the end what matters is your happiness. The Wolves singer is an ambassador for Coach and has also designed a collection for the brand.

Her soft chestnut waves cascaded down mesmerizingly with the bangs reaching her eyelashes. And her dressing was also, as usual, spot on. She paired her flowy floral black and lavender maxi dress with a punk leather jacket. Her pointy toe lace-up black booties were also the sort that make you want to run to the store and empty your wallet immediately.

According to Vogue, the Behaving Badly actress was spotted with this hair change last week. She was seen in a casual attire with her hair tied in a messy bun and bangs framing her beautiful face. When it comes to altering her hair game, Gomez has always been swift. However, she couldn’t have grown her lob this fast, so we’re betting she’s wearing a solid pair of extensions. Either way, she looks gorgeous as always.