Farts are embarrassing as it is. Sometimes, they slightly stink, other times they don’t. Sometimes, they announce their presence with drums, other times they are as silent and stealthy as a ninja. But they’re truly their worse selves when they smell oh-so-awful.

Rotten egg farts is the name that has been given to excessively foul-smelling gas. Typically, we don’t have to deal with flatulence that stinks to this extent. However, certain conditions may result in the smell getting way worse than it normally is.

Oh, wait have you been dealing with rotten egg farts? While it is mortifying, don’t worry, it’s most likely not dangerous. To spread some gaseous awareness, here’s a list of shit-uations that can trigger rotten egg farts:

1 – Fiber-rich foods:

Perhaps the culprit behind your rotten egg farts is broccoli or another vegetable which contains a high content of Sulphur. Because of this compound’s rotten egg like smell, your farts might also be getting smellier. Other veggies that are rich in Sulphur include asparagus and cabbage.

Foods that are rich in fiber also case smelly farts because they take longer to get digested which results in their fermentation. A simple alteration in your diet can help in this regard.

2 – Food intolerance:

Are you intolerant to certain foods? Your food intolerance can also be the cause behind smelly farts. For instance, people who have lactose intolerance are unable to breakdown carbs which makes carbohydrates ferment in the gut. The end product is unbearably smelly flatulence.

Gluten intolerance, similarly, can also be a cause behind awful smelling farts. The severe form of this intolerance is called celiac disease. This condition results in flatulence which is also accompanied by fatigue, diarrhea, weight loss, and bloating.

3 – Gut bacteria:

The gut is a house full of bacteria. During digestion, some of these can result in the production of Sulphur compounds. Some people have gut flora that causes their farts to be more stinky. Bacteria overgrowth that is caused when the digestive process is disrupted can also be the cause. This overgrowth of bacteria can infect the gut and cause more gas to be produced.

The gas is not only more in volume, but it also smells way worse. Such a condition is accompanied by diarrhea and abdominal pain too. If you have these symptoms, you must schedule a trip to the doctor.

4 – Beans:

While beans look innocent and taste pretty good, they have a bad reputation in the fart department. Beans come from the same sugar group to which lentils, cruciferous vegetables, and legumes belong. Why do beans cause stinky farts? Because they are not properly broken down in the digestive system as our bodies lack the enzyme needed for their breakdown.

In this regard, soaking your beans in water can be of help. This trick will also not compromise on the nutrients provided by beans. Moreover, enzyme-based support provided by digestive aids can also relieve a person of the embarrassing side effect.

5 – Medication:

The thing about medications is that side effects almost always tag along with the benefits. That said, antibiotics can also cause smelly flatulence by damaging good bacteria while killing off dangerous pathogens. Due to the lack of good bacteria, farts may get smellier. Bloating and constipation can also come along with this problem.

For saving yourself the mortification, you can simply visit your doctor for a change in medication. Don’t go ahead and decide to switch medications without seeking professional advice first.

6 – Sugar alcohols:

Certain sugar alcohols which can be commonly found in diet beverages, sugar-free candy, gum, etc., can be the cause behind rotten egg farts as well. This is because these sweetening agents cannot be completely digested by the body and hence, collect in the colon triggering foul smelling gas. To save yourself the embarrassment, keep track of what can be causing the problems.

If you suspect alcohol to be the culprit behind the unbearably bad smelling flatulence problem, lower your intake of diet drinks.

7 – Constipation:

Have you been suffering with constipation lately? Perhaps that is what stands at the root of the foul-smelling gas issue. Constipation makes your poop hang around inside your colon for too long as it hampers your regular pooping sessions. This results in the formation of bacteria and gas in the colon. Resultantly, you get stinky farts.

To combat the problem, keep yourself hydrated and workout regularly. You may also go for over-the-counter laxatives to help with this condition.

8 – Colon cancer

Although unlikely, colon cancer can also be the reason behind foul smelling gas. This is because colon cancer is accompanied by the formation of polyps or tumors in the digestive tract. This can cause bowel obstruction and, in turn, cause gas to buildup. Bloating also tags along with the foul smell in this condition.

In case medications or any other remedies are not helping your situation, you can go for a complete checkup. Since it is rare for gas to become foul smelling due to colon cancer, you don’t have to worry about this too much.


Rotten egg farts are embarrassing. However, they are not uncommon. Common causes behind foul smelling gases include food intolerance, sugar alcohols, bacterial overgrowth, constipation, medication, beans, and fiber-rich foods. Colon cancer might also be the reason, but the chances are pretty low.

If you have been noticing that your gas has started getting smellier, you should consider visiting your doctor to be able to get rid of the problem as soon as possible.