Backaches are serious health concerns that can seriously impact the quality of one’s life. These don’t see the age of a person and can implicate a victim irrespective of his general health well-being. Mainly, the increasing reliance on a sedentary lifestyle can be held as a culprit.

The increasing incidence of lower backache

In the past, our ancestors led an active life. They were consistently on the move. However, as the circumstances have changed and the lifestyle has evolved to afford greater comfort, we have increasingly become immobile.

On top of that, a large majority tends to be desk workers, which spirals the time that is spent in sitting. In fact, a survey by the Environmental Agency (EPA) confirms that an average American spends about 93% of his time within his house. In other words, an average person stays indoors for 93% of his time.

Going into the specifics, 87% of the time is spent inside buildings, whereas, 6% is spent in automobiles. This drastically limits our physical activity. On top of that, it also cuts our exposure to the sun, which is an essential source of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a critical nutrient that aids in maintaining healthy bones by encouraging the absorption of calcium, the main mineral needed for strong bones. Moreover, 86% of the American workers sit all day long. This plants more seeds birth backache.

Hence, a sedentary lifestyle is the very recipe for weak bones, which explains how it can open the doors that welcomes back pain.

Treatment plans for lower back pain

If we don’t take precautionary measures, we end up suffering from back pain that swells as we age. This, then, brings us to the treatment measures. Research always keeps bringing forth a treatment that can be suitable for backaches.

Interestingly, the latest research concludes that playing video games can help reduce the severity of back pain. It also assists in improving the flexibility, which makes it easier for people to exercise.

There has been previous research, which has proven that video games can help in musculoskeletal rehabilitation. However, this investigation dives into the specifics of the role of video games in assisting with chronic backache, which 80% of Americans have suffered from at some point in their lives.

Findings of the study

This study published in the journal Physical Therapy had a participant pool of adults aged 55 above, suffering from chronic lower back pain. The researchers asked the participants to play Wii Fit U exercise program video game thrive in a week for 60 minutes.

After three months, the researchers learned that the participant group that played the video game witnessed a decline in their lower backache. These results were in contrast with the placebo group that did not play the game.

Moreover, the participants showed greater improvement in pain and function. These individuals were also able to continue flexibility exercises at least once a week after six months of the study.

In this regard, Keaton Ray, PT, DPT, remarked, “Anything that keeps people active and moving is going to be a successful way to manage low back pain.” She also added that the Wii Fit U exercises were more general than specific.

Thus, Ray added, “recent research that’s coming out about physical therapy treatment for low back pain… says it should be a really specific type of exercise program based on specific evaluation.”

Bottom Line

Findings from this study show that an active lifestyle can help chop the risk of developing chronic lower back pain. In addition to making exercise an integral part of your life, it is also critical to eat healthily. For those who are prone to backaches, it is best to eat anti-inflammatory foods that can fight the damage caused by free radicals.