Mothers and mothers-to-be have all wondered at one point – should they or should they not exercise when expecting. Myth says exercising when carrying a child in the womb is risky as it can result in a miscarriage. When asked, some people are sure to have a raised eyebrow at just the idea of working out when pregnant. Others encourage the physical activity and yet others just shrug their don’t-knows.

However, experts say that not only is exercise beneficial for a pregnant woman but also for her baby in the case of normal pregnancies. Now a new research points out how exercising during pregnancy can not only reduce the risk of obesity in the child, but also lessen the risk of metabolic diseases.

This latest research is all set to present its findings at American Physiological Society’s 2019 Experimental Biology meeting, Orlando. Let’s dive deeper into it.

Rat model shows the benefits of exercise during pregnancy

For research purposes, the scientists involved monitored a group of pregnant rats that performed 60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise. The findings were compared to the offspring of the control group of rats that didn’t work out during pregnancy.

Results showed that those mothers who exercised during pregnancy had lowered the risk of obesity in their offspring. What’s more, babies of mothers who had exercised when expecting were also at reduced risk of metabolic syndrome. This showed that exercising during the 9-month period is linked to the baby’s metabolism.

Previously, studies have showed that when pregnant women who are obese exercised their child was at less risk of obesity. This new study shows that the same also applies to already normal weighing women who exercise when they have a bun in their oven.

However, the inverse is also true. When women don’t exercise during pregnancy, the risk of obesity in their offspring increases. Therefore, exercising after consulting with your healthcare professional is a move worth considering.

Exercise benefits for pregnant women

Exercising for 30 minutes on the daily during pregnancy is recommended. However, you have to be very particular about the type of exercises you go for, for maximum comfort and no complications. In this regard, it is best to consult with professionals before proceeding, especially if you have a medical condition.

Working out during these 9 months can make delivery easier and it can also help with weight loss post-delivery. If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to stick to exercising for half an hour every day, you can also go for 20 minutes of exercise 4 to 5 days a week. This is also beneficial.

Other benefits that can be gained by exercising during pregnancy include an improved mood, higher energy markers, better posture, less pains and aches, decreased swelling, and lessened constipation, and bloating.

Moreover, exercising when expecting also promotes toned muscles and upped endurance and strength. It improves sleep along with helping you get in shape after the baby is born as well. So, you see exercising is not harmful, but helpful, for pregnant women.

Key Takeaway

Exercising during pregnancy comes with many pros. It can help you sleep more restfully along with boosting your energy levels. It also keeps pains at bay and ups strength. The best part is that it enables easier delivery and assists one in getting back in shape post-delivery.

Now a new research shows that exercise during pregnancy also reduces the risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome for the baby. This stresses on the need to consider working out when expecting as obesity is a growing problem in the United States as it is.