You might not know her name, but you’ve definitely seen the wink. The South Asian population is entirely smitten by her expressions. The girl in the video, which is basically a clip from a song, is a new Mollywood actress named Priya Prakash Varrier. It’s only been a few days since the song was released and the internet’s attention fell instantly on Priya and her cute interaction with the actor in the song.

The song is called Manikya Malaraya from the Malayalam movie, Oru Adaar Love. In just five days of its coming out, it has gathered about 89 million views on YouTube. The clip that has gone viral is that of Priya flirting with her admirer at school. The 18-year-old’s debut role has turned into a meme too and has brought her a thousand times more love and attention than she had ever thought of!

DNA India reports that the actor, Roshan, has said, “This is my first film. I never expected this. There are five heroes and five heroines in the film. Priya and I are one of the pairs.” While Priya has modeled and done a short film before, this is her first full-length movie too. She is currently studying commerce as well and is a trained classical dancer.

Not only that but she sings too because just two talents are not enough for her. Right now, Priya is the Valentine that every boy wants. The young actress has also revealed how she is receiving tones of messages and even some proposals! As reported by Hindustan Times, she said, “I am very happy. Don’t know how to handle so much love. It’s completely surreal. I’m falling short of words trying to express myself. Never expected this.”

When inquired about whether there is already someone in her life she said, “There’s no one special in my life. My studies and my dream of becoming an actor are the two focal points of my life. On Valentine’s Day, I’ll have to go to college because attendance is a problem. I’m not thinking much, after all, I go to a girl’s college.”

The model told the publication, that not only her but even her friends are receiving tons of messages from people asking about her. She went on to explain that there is a massive amount of fake accounts that have been created with her name and pictures. Even her father’s colleagues found themselves discussing her!

Initially, the director of the movie, Omar Lulu had only assigned her a small role. However, later he was so impressed by her performance, that a lead role was offered to her. Her dream to work in Bollywood is now sure to become a reality. The budding star is already being compared to big names in the Indian Cinema.

The craze for her has just begun and she has already become a crush for so many, with the number of google searches of her by the audience catapulting ahead of Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, and Sunny Leone who are some of Bollywood’s favorites.

Her follower count on Instagram has also risen at an insane speed. The video clip that she shared has been watched over 6 million times. Someone even compared her to Katrina Kaif and started a keyword war between fans of both the sides! A post says that with how greatly and quickly her Instagram followers have increased, she is following the footsteps of Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylie Jenner!

The song’s musician, Jubair Muhammed, told The News Minute, “It is Priya’s mom who looks after all her schedules. Priya is a girl with no airs. She is in a situation when she doesn’t know what to do. Overnight, everything has changed. She is even a bit scared to step out of the house. Within one night, her face has been splashed everywhere and people are recognizing her. That’s not something anyone’s prepared for. She’s a very social, friendly person but she doesn’t know how to react to this.”

While a major part of social media is obsessed with her, there is also a sector that believes that she doesn’t deserve so much attention. A lot of comparisons have been drawn too. Either way, Priya Prakash has taught people two important things along with reminding them of the power of social media. One, multiple ear piercings look super cool and two, a sultry eyebrow game and wink can win hearts!