Pregnancy is a package of feelings of all sorts. Your pregnancy is partly composed of excitement and nervous butterflies. On the flip side, your pregnancy is half a parcel of pains and stress. You might sometimes experience discomfort in your digestion. Other times, you might have pains in the back or so. It all depends on the various stages of pregnancy in which you are in and the symptoms that you feel as per the trimester. Regardless of the pregnancy pains though, there are some prenatal yoga poses that can help to ease your troubles.

How Can Yoga Be Helpful During Your Pregnancy?

Exercise including jogging and walking can be healthy during your pregnancy. You can always check with your doctor but mostly movement is good during this time period. Yoga, in particular, can be effective in keeping you fit during your 9 months, easing the various pains, and also preparing you for labor.

Bec Conant, prenatal yoga instructor at Om Births and birth doula in Boston explains, “Yoga does two things while you’re pregnant: It’s a physical form of exercise that’s also going to bring some mindfulness and awareness into how your body is changing on a daily level.”

Yoga also promotes breath control. In this regard, Heidi Kristoffer, yogi, founder of CrossFlowX opines, “You don’t need Lamaze if you go to yoga… Yoga makes you more conscious of what’s happening with your body—you’re not just checking out of what your body is feeling.”

Furthermore, prenatal yoga poses can help you to get rid of common pregnancy ailments. These include backaches, tight hips, heartburn, swollen legs, fatigue, and a lot more.

What Shouldn’t You Be Doing?

There is a lot that needs to be cared about during your nine months. Learn to listen to your body and be kind and gentle to yourself and the baby. In fact, this time can be a demanding one. You eat as per your little champ wishes and you also follow his sleeping whims. So, most of your eating, resting, and sleeping schedule is controlled by the life that is growing inside you.

With that being said though, it is clear that you cannot exert yourself or spend your energy in any strenuous works or exercise. The reason is obvious: you don’t want the baby to run out of energy. Therefore, when you have a bun in the oven you have to keep clear from several factors.

These include overstretching your body, major backbends, power yoga, bikram yoga, belly down positions such as bow, locust, cobra or others, deep twists, extreme ab work, breath retention, and lying for extended periods on your back. In fact, it is commonly suggested that you should not be lying on your belly so avoid any activities related to that too.

Anything that is uncomfortable should be avoided. And you shouldn’t be pressurizing yourself.

Prenatal Yoga Poses

Here is an account of some of the soothing prenatal yoga poses that you can practice during your pregnancy. Needless to say, each pose comes with multiple health advantages and relief from some pain or another that accompanies your pregnancy period.

  1. Triangle Pose

Pregnancy is a lot about nervous jitters and anxiousness. On the surface, it feels like these 9 months are nothing more than excitement. However, your growing baby can be demanding. There are lots of changes to your body too that can make you go a little insane. Top it up with mood swings and you’d end up with feelings that are all over the place.

In such a situation, the triangle pose is great for helping you gain a mindful balance. It works the legs and stretches your side body while energizing the hips.

  1. Ankle-to-Knee Pose

If you have found yourself wincing with a backache, then you have got to try this yoga pose. The pose helps to make space for your belly. It also opens the back. In doing so, it helps to eliminate the tension in your muscles under the glutes.

  1. Child’s Pose

One of the amazing prenatal yoga poses is the child’s pose. This is also known as balasana. It helps to relieve anxiety and curbs nausea that can be a glitch to your daily activities. It is also great to quiet the mind that is nagged with a million thoughts about the baby and what’s next?

4. Extended Side Ankle Pose

Pregnancy can make you slow. The big belly to handle can also take a toll on your energy. But you can always try the extended side ankle pose that will open up the hip region. Cathy Louise Broda who runs her studio, Purple Yoga Hawaii says, “Extending the upper arm above the head at an angle works the whole side body from finger tips to the extended back leg.” This helps to enhance energy levels.

  1. Seated Side Bend

This yoga posture is a good remedy for lower back pain. It can help you get rid of the cranky back. Make sure that you are in a comfortable seating position that has you upright. Regarding this, Broda says, “As our bellies get bigger, it’s important to find as much space in your torso as possible.” The sitting side bend as one of the prenatal yoga poses does exactly that.

  1. Yoga Squat

A yoga squat is great for making you feel good even if you feel otherwise. As your 9-months proceed, your body starts to produce relaxin, a hormone that grants your flexibility. Here, you have to ensure that you don’t manipulate beyond your flexibility range. Other than that a yoga squat will make you feel amazing.

  1. Cow/Cat Pose

This pose will help you to soothe the backaches by relaxing your spine. It also stretches your body so that the pain abates. The ache in your back is a typical one as your spine takes the major weight of your rapidly growing baby. But this pose helps to relief your spine and shift the weight somewhat. Therefore, aiding in back labor.

  1. Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend

The wide-angle seated forward bend is one of the reliable prenatal yoga poses to get rid of back pain. It also helps to take the belly weight off so that you relax. The posture works because it takes off the pressure from your lower back. You also get the much-needed break from the weight of your belly.

  1. Reclined Bound Angle Pose

This yoga posture enhances blood circulation in the region of the lower abdomen. It also enhances the hips external rotation. It is a nice way to calm your mind and take ten from all the mommy-to-be and baby-to-come worries. For this posture during the months of pregnancy, be sure to place a bolster under your back and one under your head to create an incline. Also, add a block between your feet to broaden the pelvis.

  1. Goddess Pose

Yoga is also an effective preparatory teacher to get you ready for childbirth. To this end, one of the best prenatal yoga poses is the goddess pose. This posture is useful because it opens up the groin and hips and also broadens the pelvis. At the same time, it strengthens the leg muscles. This preps you for delivery.