Kim Kardashian might be a makeup maestro with several fans drooling after her KKW Beauty products, but there’s one person out there who thinks she’s not ace at the makeup game. This person is none other than her very own husband, Kanye West who has flipped her style game from sparkly glamorous to sporty chic over the years.

Guess who revealed this bit about their relationship? KiKi herself. During her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic’s The Master Class in Los Angeles on Saturday, she told the audience that Kanye has a habit of pointing it out when he thinks her blush is too much or her lipstick doesn’t quite follow the shape of her lips.

That’s when Mario revealed that Kim’s rapper husband gave him a call to ask him how much he’d charge for moving to Los Angeles because he wants him to do all of his wife’s makeup. Fans, however, definitely don’t like this aspect of the celebrity couple’s relationship. Several people are pointing out that Kanye West is controlling and interferes in every matter of his wife’s.

When Cosmopolitan shared the story on Facebook, one user commented, “this isn’t romantic behavior, it’s controlling behavior.” Another woman wrote, “He is the most high maintaiance man, I’ve ever hear about. I would have a constant headache from stress of being consistently criticized. There is a difference between being opinionated and being controlling. Although, some people can find it hard to separate the two.”

For those who don’t know, Kanye had made Kim cry once when he’d told his assistants to empty her wardrobe and put all the new fashion items that he had bought for her. Last year Kim had revealed that Kanye also tried to tell her what she should post on Instagram, an act that had managed to get on Kim’s nerves as well.


Twitteratti is also speaking against the couple and calling Kanye a controlling man. Either way, is It really anyone’s problem if Kim doesn’t mind? Because Kim think’s that her husband’s opinions about her makeup and fashion make life “so easy” for her.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV show star said, “I’m totally inspired by Kanye and the Yeezy team — and listen to the advice of everyone over there who is making all the clothes.” She also disclosed another tidbit about their relationship. Kim said that Kanye also decides what she should and should not wear at big events.

“I’ll send him a picture and be like, ‘Do you like this dress?’ and he’ll say, ‘I love it but why don’t you try something like this instead?’” she said. “And he’ll send me references of people wearing a totally different style.” Kim truly does love her husband for who he is, though, doesn’t she?

She’s always there to support him when the public turns against him every time he posts disturbing tweets or makes statements that don’t align with most people’s views. For this reason, many people do love them being together even though some think that Kim deserves better. Currently Kim and Kanye are expecting a fourth child via a surrogate. This child is expected to arrive in May. In the meanwhile, don’t forget to tune in to the latest season of KUWTK coming out this March.