Kylie Jenner is on the road to becoming the youngest self-made billionaire according to Forbes. The makeup mogul is only 20 and has already accomplished 20x more than what most people do at the age of 50. Currently, she’s holding her spot at the 27th as the richest self-made woman in America.

However, Forbes’ predictions say that in only a year, the social media influencer is bound to surpass even Mark Zuckerberg who became a billionaire when he was 23. Kylie’s net worth is estimated to be of $900 million. She’s a part of several collaborations with high-end brands.

She owns a company that is entirely hers and has only a few more steps to go before history records her as the youngest self-made billionaire. Jenner tops even her sisters on list including the fan favorite and super famous, Kim Kardashian.

Who knew lip kits could hold this much power? However, people are not convinced or impressed. Most are putting forward their views, saying Kylie doesn’t deserve to be labelled ‘self-made.’ The masses are questioning Forbes for using conservative estimation techniques and attaching this title to Kylie Jenner.


One person wrote on Twitter, “It is not shade to point out that Kylie Jenner isn’t self-made. She grew up in a wealthy, famous family. Her success is commendable, but it comes by virtue of her privilege. Words have meanings and it behooves a dictionary to remind us of that.”


People think that being on a reality TV show from a very young age allowed her to garner a following. Some are pointing out that Jenner doesn’t have to do any of the hard work; her money buys her assistants, managers, and other people to do the job for her.


In a previous interview with Forbes, Jenner has herself given the credit to social media for helping her build an empire. “Social media is an amazing platform,” Kylie said. “I have such easy access to my fans and my customers.”



However, there are several people who are also supporting the 20-year-old. Her fans think that the title of the youngest self-made billionaire would be well-deserved, since unlike other teens, Jenner has worked hard and hustled to grow a business rather than waste the money and influence she has.

One Twitterer wrote, “I know y’all gonna want to discount her achievement, but this is hard af to do: it was a lean startup, she successfully leveraged her influence, outsourced production, and ran millions worth of sales through a shopify website. That’s some next level shit.”



While talking to Forbes, Jenner said that she would like to run her Kylie Cosmetics business “forever.” She also said that if her daughter, Stormi, is “into it” she can inherit it. “Maybe one day [I will] pass this on to Stormi,” Jenner told the media outlet.

However, her manager, mum Kris Jenner, added that selling the cosmetic’s empire is “always something that we’re willing to explore.” Since Kylie is this young and has so many opportunities to make more of her bucks, we wouldn’t be surprised if she decides to establish another business as well. Looks like Stormi is also destined to grow in fame like her mum.