Okay, so you must be aware that Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson are most probably dating. If you are not, then know that these two women were spotted at the London Heathrow airport together sharing a passionate kiss.

They were then spotted leaving together, in casual clothes and all, with the Suicide Squad actress’s arms around the PLL star. They seemed happy. They seemed casual. They seemed chill. So, what about Paris Jackson?

Michael Jackson’s daughter took to twitter and made two posts that we have reason to believe are directed at her ex-girlfriend Cara Delevingne. When did these ladies breakup? We saw them displaying their affection for each other in public last year but neither actually confirmed that there was something serious going on.

Then in May, fans were expecting Cara and Paris to make an entry together at the Met Gala this year. But that never happened. What happened is that around the same time, in fact right before the event, Cara was spotted with Ashley, holding hands.

After then, it’s been the two of them with Paris out of the picture. But until Tuesday, until the world didn’t see them locking lips, no one was sure about Cara and Ashley’s relationship. Now? We bet they are more than just friends.



So now Paris has things to say. Because she must have also seen those PDA pictures. But Paris is not resorting to slamming or insulting Cara. She’s being nice. After the pictures were out, Paris tweeted, “welp. she makes you happy so.. whatever makes you happy..” Not even a minute later, she tweeted, “girls smh.” Smh as in shake my head.

Fans immediately picked what they believed was Paris’s tweet about Cara and her new relationship. They supported her. One person wrote, “I think it may be shade towards Cara. There’s been tabloids reporting that her and Ashley Benson are ‘dating’”