If, for a long time, you have been wondering about the growing inches of your body or increasing numbers on the weighing machine, then you must also be thinking on how to cut them back.

There are multiple guides and meal plans, which people recommend. Plus, just a few clicks can help you surf a never-ending list of ideas on the internet. Paleo and Keto are two of such diet plans with each having its own benefits.

You can find detailed reviews and progresses about each but if you are wondering which one is suitable for you, then here’s what you need to know:

The basic of a paleo diet:

Paleo diet is based on the concept of following the steps of ancestors when it comes to your diet. Focusing on the food items that were the only way humans knew to eat, which includes all the nature given food items. These include vegetables, fruits, and meat.

On the other hand, things those are man-made like vegetable oil or processed food and even legumes that are grown through agriculture and dairy products are avoided. The main aspect of the diet is to take you back to the dietary sources that were the primary source of nourishment for humans. It is done to reap the many positive aspects of these main food sources.

The diet provides you with a good amount of carbs and other macronutrients that your body requires through the many food choices that are allowed. Moreover, paleo is considered an easy diet to follow with fewer restrictions.

The basics of a keto diet:

When the two diets are compared, keto is considered a bit more rigid but expert says that this one has faster results. Where the former diet is all about eating like ancient times, ketogenic diet focuses on avoiding all the sources of carbohydrate and focusing mainly on fat.

The chief goal of keto is encouraging the body to achieve the metabolic state of ketosis. This is a process in which your body produces the needed energy by using fat instead of carbs.

This structure of diet shows great results, as the body switched from its usual process of burning carbohydrates to burning fats to produce energy. The weight loss journey is also faster as compared to other diets. Food items during keto include fat from meat, vegetable oil, eggs, nuts, and full-fat dairy. Natural sweetener and fruits are to be avoided as well because they contain sugar and carbs.

The similarities between the two diet plans:

Both the diets have their fair share of rules, which makes them differ in many ways. There are some key similarities between them as well. These are as follows:

  1. Both the diets limit or avoid the intake of grain especially refined grains. In a paleo diet, grains are avoided because they are grown through the process of agriculture. These are then processed further. At the same time, in a ketogenic diet plan, grains are avoided as they are full of carbs.
  2. The consumption of legumes such as beans and pulses are also kept at bay in both the diets. Legumes, like grains, are also cultivated. Hence, they contradict the main concept of paleo. Similarly, in keto, these are avoided due to their high content of carbohydrates.
  3. They both have fats included in form of nuts and meat. Both the diet plans include healthy fats and that too in significant amounts. Fats are included in both the diet plans via food sources of nuts, meats, avocados and all types of fats that are naturally available, and are good and necessary for health.
  4. Both of the ways also include vegetables. This is another very important and healthy similarity between the two diet plans. People who observe keto or paleo diet, focus on eating green and leafy vegetables. While paleo observers can also eat other vegetables, the two can definitely enjoy their share of spinach equally.
  5. Both the diets avoid all sources of artificial and refined food sources. This similarity is a healthy one as well because all the refined food items such as artificial sugar and refined flour are avoided. This is because these can only cause harm to the body and aid in increasing the weight.
  6. Both the diet helps in regulating the blood pressure as the main purpose of both the diets focus on reducing excess weight and that helps in bringing down the factors which might be disturbing our body.

These are the few similarities that can be found in both the diets. Let’s now process with discussing the factors that differentiate the two.

The key differences between paleo and keto diets:

Though both diets have some strong similarities and benefits which they provide our body, however, there are a few differences which distinguish the two diets.

  1. Keto diet is basically about the process of ketosis, where paleo diet includes all the macro and micronutrients including carbohydrates and fats. But, all of these come from natural resources. In the case of the keto diet, on the other hand, fat is used as the main source of energy. It brings down the level of carbohydrate so that the body can focus on using fat.
  2. Secondly, when it comes to paleo, the kind of food that you are taking matters the most. It sheds light on the quality of food that is involved. Thus, all the food sources and items eaten are either naturally grown or found such as meat of all sort and fruits and vegetables. Unlike keto, it also involves natural sugars found in fruits and raw honey.
  3. The Keto diet is a high-fat and low-carb diet, which is the accounts for the major difference between the two diets. Paleo only focuses on the ancestral eating methods and balanced nutrition, whereas, keto focuses on the amount of fat that is taken. It restricts the number of carbohydrates. Paleo does restrict a few items but it doesn’t restrict any nutrients.
  4. You can have dairy while on a keto diet but you can’t have dairy while observing paleo. The reason is pretty simple, paleo avoids any source that is processed and many dairy items like cheese or yogurt are made by employing artificial methods, which is why they are kept at arm’s length. Moreover, these dairy foods consist of nutrients that conflict with the ancestral form of eating. However, in keto full-fat dairy can be taken.
  5. Lastly, though the people observing the paleo diet can take fat as in a ketogenic diet. However, the amount of fat consumed during the paleo diet is generally lower than that of keto. It focuses on a balanced intake of each nutrient including fats. Therefore, the paleo diet is low on fat when compared to keto but high in carbohydrates.

Final words

Be it the paleo or the keto diet, both have limitations. Moreover, each of the two has major variations that can result in the difference of results. Where one majorly focuses on fat, the other focuses on the primal way of eating.

In the end, you can say that be it paleo or keto, both of the diets show good results. However, it is found that keto shows faster results because it burns down a large amount of fat as compared to any other diet. Hence, it yields prominent results.

On the other hand, many people found paleo diet easy to follow with lesser restrictions than keto. It is safe to say that you can observe both the diets according to your preferences. If you want quicker results, you can follow keto. However, if you want an easy-to-follow meal plan, then you can start adding paleo-friendly foods to your grocery list.