The first teaser for The Originals came out this week and fans are not happy about it. With it being the fifth and the last season for the show, the audience was hoping for Klaus Mikaelson to reunite with Caroline, a character that many TVD fans would remember. While the ship of Klaroline was popular among people who devoured both the shows, throughout the last four seasons of TO Caroline has just never popped up.

However, keeping in view what the reports said, fans were and are still expecting a lot of Klaroline in The Originals season 5. And though Julie Plec has also said that Caroline will be seen as a part of this season, fans are upset that the teaser didn’t even give a single hint of their romance. Though, it should be noticed that this mini trailer was only of 30 secs. Hopefully, there will be something that would serve the appetite of Klaroline fans in the next trailer.

“I think what people can expect and count on is a nice thread of Caroline as a guiding counselor to Klaus in terms of fatherhood,” Julie Plec had told TV Guide just about a month back. But she had also added that despite the attraction between them there are “no promises of where that goes, but it’s nice to see again.” Disappointed fans took to Twitter to share their grief. One fan wrote, “seeing the 30 secs trailer of The Originals disappointed me, not just bc it’s just 30 secs but i literally didn’t see Caroline there.”

We do know for sure that there would be Klaroline action as Entertainment Weekly shared a still picture of the two characters that it got its hands on. Another fan tweeted, “why is everyone asking where klaroline/caroline is in the originals promo/trailer, this show isn’t tvd, it isn’t about caroline or klaroline, it’s about the mikaelsons and their battle to become a family.” Point. The Originals has never really revolved around Karoline. It’s always been more about family than heated romances and the love that the Mikaelson siblings share. Here’s to hoping we all get what we expect from the last season.