Amal and George Clooney are definitely one of the hottest – and richest – couples in Hollywood. However, these two may not be called Mr. and Mrs. Clooney for long if Amal, who has left her 57-year-old husband in a fit of rage, doesn’t go back home to him.

As per Radar Online currently these two are separated and headed straight for a divorce. The Money Monster star doesn’t want his wife and kids, who are with their mum, to live apart. But he is the one to blame for the downfall of their marriage.

Amal left home with twins Alexander and Ella to stay at their new residence, a villa in the Island of Sardinia, Italy. Now they may be readying themselves for a divorce worth $520 million! As per insiders George is by himself and “pleading with Amal to come home.”

A source told the site, “He wanted them to enjoy the new property together, but after an explosive argument she ran off there with Alexander and Ella.” Ouch! Amal has told him that he can’t stay with the three of them if he comes there, he will have to reside in the guest house.

The cause behind their fight is not known clearly but all fingers are being pointed at George. “Remorseful George is telling Amal he will do whatever his wife wants as long as she comes home,” continued the source. “He will change his ways and stop driving her up a wall.”

Sources say George’s carefree ways are to blame for their messy separation. The situation has gotten so bad that George can’t help but send text after text to Amal, requesting her to come back home. He is insisting that they should let their marriage live for the sake of their kids and is crying throughout the day. Now that, is a turn we never expected would occur, not with this couple.

People who know these two personally were expecting this because Amal was absent one of George’s business parties. The couple have not been seen together since August as per this magazine and didn’t even spend their anniversary together. Only time will reveal whether this news is true or merely a rumor.