There’s no denying that some products just cost next to an atomic bomb because they are designed for women. The charges are greater due to the additional tax, referred to as Pink Tax. It is high time that someone realizes that and it looks like the time has come and prayers have been heard, as a new women shaving service does not cost the additional dime.

Billie, the new razor subscription services for ladies, live on just November 14, has surfaced as a brand with some sense. Its tagline reads, “Razors made for Womankind” and Billie intends to return the dollars extracted from women on account of their gender.

Billie’s co-founders, Jason Bravman and Georgina Gooley reveal their plans as, “We came up with the Pink Tax Rebate to ‘reimburse’ women for all the years spent overpaying for women’s razors.” Gooley adds to it, “We created Billie because women deserve to have a great shave experience at a fair price.”

The service intends to payback in the form of credit awarded to shoppers who share the link to the service with friends. Such as sending the referral link to 5 friends can help a person make up $5 in credit. Likewise, 10, 20 or more referrals can earn credits of $10, $20 or so. Although, this is a good marketing trick but the founders say that the brand has been set up by keeping women’s need to the fore.

The founders explain, “The shaving industry has been largely created by and for men, which may explain why women are still overpaying for women’s razors… Billie was created to fill a gap in the market and provide women with premium-quality shaving and body care products uniquely designed for womankind, without the ‘Pink Tax.’”

On top of the reimbursement to the unfair dollars spent so far, the service intends to donate 1 percent of its revenue in support of feminine causes around the globe. That is pretty much a noble cause plus a great way to get into the limelight.


The product quality also seems to be aligned well with all the hype being created. The blades boast a fine quality and are designed as no clog. Also, these are claimed to be animal-friendly, paraben-free, and free from toxins too.

The scorecard for the service’s products also shows top ratings from a review site called EWG Skin Deep Database that rates and reviews products in the beauty industry.

The new razor subscription service is being marked is being tagged as an initiative similar to the Dollar Shave Club. However, there is a rigid wall of difference between the two as Billie attends to women and denounces the tax that is typically taken from female consumers for products intended from them.

So cheers to the positive step in the right direction and here’s to hoping that other brands also take similar initiatives as also anticipated by Billie’s co-founders, “We encourage all brands to reevaluate the pricing structure of women’s products so that they are comparable to men’s products.”