If you’re a makeup junkie, then you can comprehend the ever-present irresistible itch that creeps up your spine to find out more about the upcoming makeup. Because, of course getting the latest makeup is a pledge made to your vast makeup collection. And as the seasonal clock shifts and inches close to the season of bright colors, you naturally plan on preparing a bucket list of new makeup for spring. So, here’s a take on the week for you including the upcoming items as well.

Elcie Cosmetics Mauve Series

With the new year, Pantone announced the color of the year that would rule hearts for the unfolding twelve months of the year. The title of the color of the year was bagged by ultra-violet. But, all colors falling within its family including purples and mauves are here to stay.

In fact, this year’s color is everywhere, from fashion ramps to makeup aisles. To further diversify the ultra-violet-colored makeup staples, Elcie Cosmetics has a new mauve series lined up as part of the new makeup for spring.

So far, only a tiny glimpse has been offered into what the series holds. From the sneak peek though, we know that there are eye shadow pigments from the purple-mauve family coming our way that feature buttery, metallic, and foiled pigments. These pigments are truly epitomes of pure wow.

Mac Cosmetics Glitter Bombs

We already knew that Mac Cosmetics was to drop some crazily-exciting glitter bombs. These offer new shades, new shapes, and a new texture to add some sparkle dust to your life. These have launched so that comes under the category of makeup that you don’t have to wait for.

Some of the glitter colors available are Platinum, Yellow Gold, Teal Hologram, Turquoise, Silver Hologram, Ruby, Silver Stars, Rose, Purple Hologram, Pink Hearts, Lavender Hologram, Pink Hologram, Iridescent White, Iridescent Sage, Iridescent Lavender, Grey Hologram, Heliotrope, Iridescent Hot Pink, Gold Hologram, Fuchsia Hologram, Gold Hologram, Green, Cooper, Chunky Lime, and more.

Mac Fix Place Is Getting A Makeover

Mac’s favorite Fix Plus primer that won countless hearts is getting a glowing look now. The new look entails addition of some glow. It is anticipated that this revamped look is part and parcel of a possible collaboration between Mac Cosmetics and Jun Jun.

Also, Fix Plus Goldlite and Fix Plus Pink Lite are picking up pace on the ‘coming soon’ counter.

Photo Finish Primer Water Juices Face Prime

If you’re in a quick hunt for a primer and can’t wait for MAC’s launch and more news on the rebirth of Fix Plus, you don’t have to worry. A primer that is already up for grabs is the PhotoFinish Primer Water Juices Face Primer range of 3 primers. Each is priced at $32 and is available at Ulta Beauty.

These limited edition primers are a product of the collaboration between Smashbox Cosmetics and Nicol Concilio. The 3 flavors to choose from are:

Centering Citrus – This one is a balancing blood orange with grounding grapefruit

Serene Greens –  This formula is packed with the powerful punch of cooling cucumbers with mellow melon

So Chill Coconut – This one is a refreshing blend of relaxing blend of coconut and vanilla

New Baby Girl Eyeshadow Stack by Melt Cosmetics

Another coming soon item on the new makeup for spring list are five new hues from the Baby Girl Eyeshadow Stack by Melt Cosmetics. So far, the curtains have only been drawn over their first buttery smooth shade called So Dope. It’s a coral color that is entirely swoon-worthy. More shades in the series will be revealed soon. For now, we know that Melt Cosmetics has also something lined for us for the current season.

Natural Beauty Collection by Too Faced

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming arrival of a new collection by Too Faced. This new collection is packed with:

  1. The Natural Face Palette. It is marked for a price of $48 and contains blushes, highlighters, and bronzer.
  2. Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette that is for $38
  3. Natural Eyes Eyeshadow Palette $38
  4. Natural Nude Lipsticks for $22 and contains the colors Indecent Proposal, Throwin Suede, Nip Slip, Skinny Dippin, Strip Search, Pout About It, Overexposed, Girl Code, and Birthday Suit
  5. Natural Bronzers for $30 each. Colors include Milk Chocolate Matte, Dark Chocolate Matte, Chocolate Matte, and Sun Bunny

All these makeup stables on the Natural Beauty Collection are laced with hydrating coconut butter. The collection comes out in only 3 days on 15 March.

New Pro Matte Les Chocolats Scented Liquid Lipstick

Spring couldn’t get any better as makeup from L’Oréal Paris has dropped chocolate-scented liquid lipsticks. These come in a matte finish and in nude colors as long wear liquid lipsticks. These are up for purchase online at a price of $9.99 each.

The shades are titled Dose of Chocolate, Bittersweet, Box of Chocolate, Candyman, Sweet Tooth, and Yum. The lipsticks will be coming soon in stores. There couldn’t be a better news than this for chocolate lovers.

Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream

Skin care items are essential to add to your list while getting new makeup for spring. Drunk Elephant presents a new eye cream to fill in the gap. Available at Sephora, the C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream is a multivitamin dose for your eyes.

Needless to say but dark circles are the inevitable by-product of long, restless nights. Not to forget, skin under your eyes gets thin with all the worries circling your mind. Drunk Elephant’s latest launch is a brightening combination of vitamin C in its five forms, cucumber extract, and eight peptides.

All these encourage stronger skin around your eyes. Looks like you won’t need to go through the extra effort of slicing cucumber for your eyes. The C-Tango Multivitamin eye cream is for $64. In return, this super-rich creamy balm gifts an even skin tone, treats stubborn damage, and strengthens skin. In a nutshell, it moisturizes, brightens, and firms the eye area.