The new liquid lipsticks and liners by Melt Cosmetics are ready to melt our hearts. The lady-like colors are to drop on January 12 and we couldn’t be more excited. In fact, the excitement is soaring to a whole new level, as the lip colors are accompanied with lip liners.

For quite some time now, Melt Cosmetics has been teasing us with the new colors on its Instagram page. The posts were all titled coming soon. Until finally this launch date has been decided. The makeup articles will be up for grabs at noon on the 12 January PST. Ladies, mark your calendars and set your alarms.

So, what do we have in the new liquid lipsticks and liners by Melt Cosmetics. There are two hues launching in Melt Cosmetics Liquid Set Lipstick. These are:

  • Peachy Nude Liquid Lipstick
  • SIDNI Liquid Set lipstick

The Peachy Nude liquid lipstick is an alluring peachy shade with a nude touch to it. It is a perfect color for your lips if you want to carry a bold eye look. You can also flaunt a natural look with this color on your lips.

The SIDNI Liquid Set lipstick is named after sidnioshit. It is a bright watermelon pink color that is perfect for an enchanting look.

New Liquid Lipsticks And Liners by Melt Cosmetics


These colors are also accompanied by lip liners. The lip lines are matches made for the lip colors. These are:

  • Jinx All Day Everyday lip liner with SIDNI Liquid Set lipstick
  • Scandal lip liner with Peachy Nude Liquid Lipstick

These lip liners go matching with their parent shades so that you can get the perfect lip look. Top these colors with a non-chalky formula that is vegan and cruelty-free and you have the most amazing lip colors for the coming season. And these are coming with a price tag of $33.