There is nothing more seductive then a lipstick shade that reflects a woman’s personality and preference. A number of guessing games and write-ups suggest that the lip color that a woman wears as her signature shade is a window into the mind. Whether this is a twist of the color psychology or not, our main concern is to remain in the loop of all the new lipsticks that are coming out soon.

In fact, it is always best to keep an eye open in case you find a color that you have been long looking for. In addition to this, there is no other makeup item that needs a quicker upgrade then lip colors. Changing trends bring new lip hues in vogue, which means a lipstick collection revamp is due. Hence, coming forth in April are two new lipstick collections.

Firstly, Mini Matte Lipstick Set by Anastasia Beverly Hills. These mini lipsticks are peppered with variant berries and pinks. The set will be up for grabs for a price of $21 and consists of 4 shades that are called:

  • Stargazer
  • Orchid
  • Plumeria
  • Cotton Candy

Secondly, we have Le Rouge Liquid Lipsticks by Givenchy. This launch from Givenchy will bring forward liquid lipsticks in style and with a touch of luxury. New colors with varying finishes will set the hallmark of these lip colors.

The new lipsticks from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Matte Lipstick Set will be available on April 3rd on the brand’s website, which is just around the corner. It will crash the stores on April 15.

At the same time, the launch of Givenchy’s Le Rouge Liquid Lipsticks does not have a confirmed date yet. So far, we only know that these liquid lip colors will drop sometime in April/May so all eyes are trained to the revelation date.