Your look is always incomplete if you don’t pay the due attention to your eyebrows. In fact, well-defined eyebrows are the pro perfection that your makeup look craves. Even if you are keeping it natural, properly defined brows are a must. But there is no worrying to do, as the new brow pencils by BH Cosmetics have just launched.

The Studio Pro Shade & Define Duo Brow Pencil by BH Cosmetics are brow pencils to look up to. There are several shades to offer. The colors are titled Blonde, Medium Blonde, Auburn, Brunette, and Ebony.

Each pencil is set at a price of $7.99. The new brow pencils are 2 in 1. The pencil is double ended and retractable. One end facilitates with a thin and dark-hued tip so that you can draw precisely and add strokes to your brow easily. On the flip side is a slighter light toned tip for shading the eyebrows.

The two tips make it easy to create fuller brows. You can choose to make your brows look perfect on a natural or dramatic spectrum. Moreover, the easy glide formula is smooth and adds to the ease of use and creating flattering brows.

The bristles are stiff and slanted so that you can add a soft definition to your brows and blend well within the boundaries as well.

The new brow pencils by BH Cosmetics under the name of the Studio Pro Shade & Define Duo Brow Pencil are reasonably priced. You can get your brow pencil at the official BH Cosmetics website.

So, there is no more worrying about how good or bad your eyebrows are looking. Because you can easily get flattering brows with these new brow pencils by BH Cosmetics. There is an array of colors to select from so you can get your shade easily too.