It’s common knowledge to Kendall Jenner’s fans that she is a fan of pizzas. Time and again she has shown her love for pizza. But lately, things have taken a weird turn. Don’t worry, Kendall has not turned into a pizza. However, a mysterious pizza account @pizzaboys has popped up on Instagram and it has something to do with her.

The account, which only has three posts, follows just two people, and initially had less than a 1000 people following it, was shared by Kendall on her Instagram stories. Among the three pictures, two read ‘coming’ and ‘soon’ in black on pink backgrounds with an odd shot of Kendall and Kylie in the middle. Don’t worry they aren’t singing pizza incantations to conquer all pizzas. Not yet.

The girls are giving off retro vibes, submerged in a pool, wearing crop tops and bikini bottoms. Till that it sounds normal, but they also have something pizza-like clutched in their hands. Is that a clutch? Or perhaps its pizza decor? Water-proof pizzas? No one knows yet, but everyone wants to know. Maybe, Kendall is starting a new merch line with pizzas being the focal point or a restaurant? Or maybe she’s just endorsing the brand.

While before Kendall Jenner shared the account on Instagram it only had about 1k followers, after she shared the following flew up to more than 50k followers! It must also be noted that the @pizzaboys account is following only two people; one Kendall herself and the other is a private account of @sweetboydaniel.

Some publications have pointed out Kendall Jenner and all the times she has worn and worked to sell Pizza Boys merch. Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid have also been involved. Also, @sweetboydaniel happens to be a member of the DJ/friend group called Pizza Boys that Kendall revealed that she is a part of last year. The bio of the account reads “In crust we trust,” and honestly same.

Comments show that people are beyond curious and also excited to know what the deal behind this account is. One comment read, “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Why is there pizza in the pool?!” While another said, “Are you guys selling pizza?” Let’s see when we get to know more about this new venture of Kendall’s. Here’s to hoping it’s soon because the audience is just too thrilled!