Last year, Instagram was flooded with various eyebrow trends. There were squiggle brows, crown brows, braided brows, etc. etc. The list is basically endless. Instagram being the portal that brought all these crazy creative ideas to the fore, they were bound to capture attention. But almost none of these brow trends were seriously considered for everyday wear.

Because you can’t scare people unless it’s not Halloween. Contrary to what many may be thinking, eyebrow trends weren’t just a thing of the previous year. Say hello to the latest Instagram-introduced brow trend; nail eyebrows. This is the latest eyebrow style that has gone viral on Instagram. And yes, it involves actual home improvement nails.

Milan Bauranov is the makeup artist who is the pioneer behind this latest fad. He is an architecture student; no wonder he has nailed this new idea of his! The heavy metal look that this guy has sported is one that will make you grimace in pain for him and stare at too, at the same time. However, don’t worry, these nails haven’t been dug into his skin. He has actually used a blend of Kat Von D products to keep them in place.

The Kat Von D Lock It Translucent Setting Powder, Lock-It Concealer Crème in White Out, and Lock It Makeup Setting Mist, are the three master products behind this unique look. A quick look at Milan’s Instagram says that this man is no stranger to dangerous looks that perhaps no one would have even thought of rocking.

He’s tried other eyebrow looks as well that you should not try at home. His makeup artworks contain stuff like needles, staples, barbed wires. He’s also done a couple of un-thought-about lip looks involving hooks, pins, and rings. In his nail eyebrows’ look, he has pasted the nails in the shape and pattern of natural eyebrow hair. While we’re pretty sure these looks can’t be rocked casually, they’d make a great evil movie character!