Penn Badgley’s You is a new take on relationships. The show, which aired on Lifetime before making its way to Netflix, represents what unhealthy and outright dangerous behavior in a love affair looks like. This behavior is often masked as romantic in typical TV shows and movies.

The character played by the Gossip Girls actor in You is one that is clearly stalkerish and creepy in the name of love. Joe Goldberg goes as far as committing murder which represents nothing but highly-problematic behavior.

However, Millie Bobby Brown thinks otherwise. The Stranger Things actress took to Instagram stories to say that she thinks Joe is romantic and not creepy. She went on to hint that his intrusive behavior was justified because he was in love. Do you see the issue here?

Clearly Bobby Brown has also been affected by the image of romance as enforced by pop culture. In her now-deleted story, the 14-year-old said, “So I just started that new show You… He’s not creepy, he’s in love with her and it’s okay… By the way, I know everybody is gonna say ‘Ahhh, he’s a stalker, why would you support that?!’ But like, he’s in love with her… just watch the show and don’t judge me on my opinion.”

Um, really? People are bashing Millie for having these views. But let’s take a pause and not slam the little girl. She did mention that she has only started the show. There’s a huge possibility that she has not reached episodes yet that show how wrong Joe is in the wrong in whatever he is doing.

Pen Badgley himself doesn’t support his characters qualities. It’s clear that Twitter users also understand that Millie is just a child but they have also expressed worry that being an influential celeb her views might make young girls think that behavior such as that of Joe’s is acceptable.