Diet plans can be challenging to follow. They not only seal the mouth from eating anything but also play with the feelings of your food cravings. That kind of weight loss regime can seriously sip on your motivation to continue with the effort. Subsequently, the weight reduction plan goes down the drain and there you go, the belly fat stands triumphant. On the contrary, Mediterranean Diet weight loss stands different from such types of restrictive diets.

The diet plan surfaces from the Mediterranean region of the globe. It is based on fruits, fresh vegetables, seafood, and healthy fats. There is a wide pool of food choices to choose from and dishes to enjoy. There isn’t much that you will have to limit in your diet chart if you opt for this option. In addition to being less restrictive by nature and helping to shed the additional kilos, the Mediterranean diet promotes several health advantages. A prominent merit is that this diet plan is tailored to improve your cardiovascular health.

Mediterranean Diet: A Prominent Food Trend 2018

The US News gives an annual evaluation of the Best Diet Overall. The diet plans are judged by health experts. They rate the diet as per its nutrition value, safety, ease of following, and effectiveness in weight loss along with protection against heart disease and diabetes.

This year, the Best Diet Overall have been awarded as the top-rated diet in a tie position with DASH diet. Apart from winning the title of the best diet, the Mediterranean diet has also been declared as a leading food trend 2018. This means that there’s a lot that is going to be buzzing around this diet plan this year. Also, you can keep track of your fitness with Mediterranean diet weight loss.

The Mediterranean Diet

This diet plan traces its roots from the countries that are set in the Mediterranean region. This accounts to around 20 countries, each boasting its own diet. This naturally means that the diet plan inculcates a vast pool of variety.

In this regard, Dr. Donald Hensrud, director of the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program remarks, “There is not one Mediterranean diet. There are almost 20 countries that border the Mediterranean and each one has a [slightly] different version of the specific foods they serve — but there are features they all have in common.”

The common characteristics include an emphasis on fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and legumes in the dishes. Olive oil serves as the standard that replaces fat sources. Fish holds a central focus in the Mediterranean diet. Poultry produce holds the backseat in the foods coming from this region. Moreover, red wine is taken in moderation.

And the dairy products that are welcomed on a Mediterranean table are low-fat cheese and low-fat yogurt. Spices and fresh herbs replace salt and form a staple backbone of the diet plan. Red meat and sweets are limited to a few times in a month, which is a good news.

Most of the diet plans, for instance, cabbage diet plan, subtract the sweet content from your diet, which fires back in the form of cravings. Falling back into the trap set by these cravings launches a round of guilt that can seriously feed on your weight loss motivation.

Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss

The diet plan offers variety and doesn’t limit you to a strict diet chart as in the case of other weight loss plans. Several studies speak in the favor of Mediterranean diet weight loss. One such study was published in the journal Lancet. It concluded that people who pursued Mediterranean diet with high content of nuts and olive oil were able to shed the extra pounds much better than those on a low-fat diet plan.

In addition to this, Mediterranean diet weight loss is more of a reality than myth owing to its powerful ingredients that promote effective weight loss. Each of the basic elements of the diet plan and their role is captured below:

Greek Yogurt

Research has proven that a disturbed gut microbiome can make it difficult to burn the adamant fat reserves in your body. Greek yogurt, a staple of this diet plan, however, is a perfect antidote for getting the right mix of probiotics in your gut. This, in turn, helps to effectively burn fat and digest food smoothly.

Greek yogurt also plays a significant role in curbing your appetite and making you feel full. It also slashes down the cravings and stabilizing blood sugar levels. Also, it helps to keep overeating at bay, which is the first step to reducing your weight.


Seafood is a perfect source of omega-3 that play a vital role in blood sugar sensitivity, optimizing metabolism, and enhancing the body’s ability to melt fat. A study reveals that eating fish for a minimum of two times in a week boosts your metabolism by around 400 calories in a day. This helps to control fat cells from expanding, particularly, in your abdominal region.


If the micronutrient levels in your body are even minutely below the required level, you might end up facing hurdles in weight loss. Vegetables are a great hack to counter this problem though. The micronutrients in the vegetables optimize your metabolism and enhance your energy levels.

This assists in keeping fatigue away, which is ideal during a weight loss regime, as fatigue amplifies your craving for junk food. Vegetables are also good for keeping dehydration at bay, as they contain an average of 90% in their composition.


Beans are abundant in fiber, both soluble and insoluble, which is fundamental for weight loss and digestion. There is no better source of fiber than beans. Fiber is responsible for the smooth functioning of the digestive tract that, in turn, encourages proper digestion. Fiber also helps to make you feel full so that you can control your over-eating habits.

Olive Oil

Studies explain that consumption of olive oil helps to increase the amount of energy used by the body when at rest. This means that you will be able to burn more calories when you are sleeping or sitting idle. The scent of olive oil is also scientifically proven to play a role in weight loss. It helps to improve the levels of sugar in your blood as well as aids in consuming fewer calories.

All these factors show that Mediterranean diet weight loss is practical and it helps you to actually lose weight visibly.