You know that moment when a plan pops up all of a sudden? Like you are making your way back home from office and your phone beeps with a friend asking you to join the gang for a reunion at XYZ restaurant. And as you sit in your car and check yourself in the mirror there are dark circles shadowing your eyes and oh, what’s there? A blemish! In that moment you realize that rushing out of your house for the day without your makeup essentials was perhaps one of your biggest mistakes.

Because who wants to look that a raccoon on a get-together? No one! This is why there are some makeup items that must hold a permanent spot in your handbag. While every girl has her own preferences about what makeup should be beside her at all times, there are some items that you must have. Here’s a list:


Not all of us ladies are blessed with skin that glows despite the stress and the workload. Some of them carry the burdens of work and home in the bags under their eyes. You wouldn’t want the world to know that, though. A concealer can be your best friend in this regard. Especially for those women who think flawless skin is the route to success. For the days when you look dull or have that little spot that is messing with your entire glow, a concealer will be your savior!


A woman without a blush is like a rice without salt. God bless blushes, they add color to everything. Having blush with you at all times, even if in the form of a cheek stain, is the best thing you could do for yourself. Because at the end of the day, applying blush is a way better idea than pinching your cheeks when no one is looking. Instant boost to beauty.


Probably don’t even need to mention this one. Make sure that one lipstick that you cannot live without has a place reserved in your handbag. Most would prefer a red lipstick for instant plans and parties. However, you can have any color that matches your outfit or is your baby. You better arrange one that requires minimum effort to stay put and glide evenly.

Lip balm

A lip balm can serve as a nourishment for your lips, add color and shine to them too. You can’t just rely on a lipstick because applying a lipstick is an art that requires time. Unless, of course, you are okay with messy lipstick. Which you basically shouldn’t be okay with because that’s so not cool. Dry lips? Lip balm is the answer. It is like a mix of petroleum jelly magic and lip gloss sheen.

Black eyeliner

Here is another must-have. Black eyeliner can add some life to your eyes no matter where you are headed. It suits all occasions and is the perfect makeup bit that goes with all your looks. Though if you aren’t a pro at applying a fine eyeliner, better keep the fuss at bay. You don’t want to waste precious minutes when you are in a hurry, trying to sketch a winged line on your eyelid.

BB Cream

BB cream is like that multitasker friend that can instantly handle everything at once. It’s like a package of all beauty products; primer, toner, foundation, moisturizer, all at once. It doesn’t just hide spots and marks but actually, treats them. So it isn’t just a layer covering your blemishes but a treatment option too.