2017 is gone but the glitter addiction is not. After all, it a tad bit difficult to rub off glitter. The sparkle obsession takes one more step in the right direction as MAC has revealed that it will be releasing more glitter pigments as reported by Teen Vogue. The brand we all love will be releasing 13 new shades to add to their current collection of 26.

These glitter pigments are for use on hair and skin. However, be careful while applying any shimmery product around your eyes. That’s not all; MAC does seem to be in the mood of blessing fans with more. Dominic Skinner, the makeup house’s Global Senior Artist revealed that MAC lip glasses would be coming out on March 15.



He made the news official when he announced it on his Instagram account. He also informed that these colors will all look and taste as sweet as their names. While showing the sneak peek of these upcoming lip products, he also revealed a few names. These include Banana Muffins, Raspberry Cream, Coconut Macaroon, Death By Chocolate, Funfetti Cake, and Strawberry Torte. These lip glasses will also be glitter bombs.

According to Popsugar, the glitter pigments were first spotted backstage at the London Fashion Week on Claire Mulleady’s table. Makeup artists were seen mixing the glitter with gloss and applying the mixture of glossy and glittery goodness on the eyelids of models with eyeshadow brushes. The publication has also predicted that each jar would cost $22.

When it comes to glitter, there is no stopping; whether it’s about the release of new products or about making a statement. And talking about MAC Cosmetics, the go-to brand for girls around the globe for basics like red lipsticks to extra glam like sparkle products, there’s no pausing here either. Here’s to hoping more details are revealed soon.