A quick peek at Drake’s life the past few months may not reveal much but it does disclose one thing – the rapper has one too many enemies. Soon after his feud with Pusha T came to a pause, Kanye West took to Twitter to slam the Canadian crooner for existing in his wife, Kim Kardashian’s Instagram followers’ list.

The Yeezy designer threw jab after jab Drake’s way, roasting him till he unfollowed Kim on the social media platform. Drake said nothing in response apart from sending a handful of laughing-so-much-I-am-crying emojis in his Insta stories.

Only a few days after this got wrapped up, The Weeknd came forward and dissed Drake in his new track Lost In Fire. Now, Nicki Minaj is also breathing fire at the Hotline Bling singer. In her new video for her song Hard White, there’s a short scene at 1:33 minutes that shows a scorpio getting blown to pieces. Followers of Drake know that Drake is a Scorpion and that is also what he named his previous album.

Then there’s another scene in the vid in which a Grammy award can be seen along with which she raps “I’m the trophy of the game, everybody tryna win me.” This was definitely a shade tossed at the Grammy winners, Cardi B and Drake.

So guess Nicki Minaj is sore because she didn’t win a Grammy and Drake did? There seems to be no other reason. Or is there? Because Kanye was mad at Drake for his song In My Feelings in which he addressed KiKi which also happens to be Kim Kardashian West’s nickname.

And The Weeknd slammed him subtly probably ‘cause he’s dating Bella Hadid who happens to be Drake’s ex. Come to think of it, Nicki and Drake have also had a complicated relationship, rumored romance, and even gotten married on screen! Looks like there’s some bad blood between them after all.