What makes life better? Glitter! (and unicorns) Luckily, makeup brands understand our love for all things sparkly too well. After Too Faced, Lime Crime is also releasing glitter eyeshadows and the world is now a better place. The brand posted a teaser picture on Nov 5th that had a lineup of shocking pink products. The caption read, “Can you keep a secret? Something ✨sparkly✨ is coming soon…”

This lead fans to wonder what this new shimmery item could be. Some were sure it was glitter eyeliner, some prayed for it to be lip gloss. But because of the unique shape of the bottles, it was difficult to pinpoint exactly what it was. One commenter was certain these were glittery nail polishes. The bottles read Diamond Dew, so one thing that was clear was that this was a product inspired by their very own hit Diamond Crusher Lip Topper.

Then on Nov 7th the brand finally revealed in a video that their latest product is liquid glitter eyeshadows! These eyeshadows will drop in on their online store on November 14th and would come in ten shiny shades including a pink one called Pixie, a teal blue one Dragon, and a gold one Starlight. You can either sprinkle the eyeshadow on base or on naked lids.

And since it dries at super speed, you would not have to worry about your face having glitter blotches here and there. Also, if you are a fan of body glitter (we sure are) you can apply this glitter on your cheeks and body as well. Each shade will come for a reasonable price of $20. However, purchasing the whole bundle would be more economical (and fun) at $170.

Lime Crime is totally winning our hearts. Because not to forget they also launched another must-have product just recently; semi-permanent hair colors for brunettes! The collection is known as Dark Unicorn and is perfect. Cruelty-free, vegan colors minus the nasty chemicals that can ruin hair texture, finally dark-haired lasses can go for colorful shades this season. Like their eyeshadows, these hair colors are also on the affordable end.