With their mantra of “With less, you are more,” this makeup line already has our heart. There is no way that we can ever down any of its amazing products. In fact, the makeup articles are all shades of sophistication so getting them is only a must. This time around Lilah Beauty new products have come in a good range and with a beautiful packaging that lures us into the getting them the instant our eyes are laid on them.

Let’s begin with the extremely gorgeous packaging. The elegant makeup packages are the best that you’d have ever seen before. The white-ish jars are like flat stones from the lake and emanate maximum luxury. Top the pretty looks with the greatness of what they hold and you’d swoon with all the elegance.

The Lilah Beauty New Products include a B.Merry Divine Duo Lip and Cheek Set, the b. envied Palette Perfection Eye Quad, and Aglow Face Mist.

The B.Merry Divine Duo Lip and Cheek Set is a limited edition makeup essential that you need to grab instantly. It is a long-wearing lip and cheek shade that comes with both a shimmery and a matte finish. The price is marked individually at $46. Have a look at the color collection below.

Lilah Beauty New Products

Next, the Lilah Beauty New Products include the b.envied eye quad that has four shades of eyeshadows. Colors give off both a shimmery finish and a matte one with lots of shades to choose from. The quad is an all in one product with the best description given for it by Lilah B., “Our Palette Perfection is an all-in-one eye quad for shadows, brows, liner, and highlighter.” The cost for this product is set at $58.

Lilah Beauty New Products

There is also a Aglow Face Mist in the Lilah Beauty New Products range. The price is marked at $48. The mist will serve as your best buddy in winters to hydrate your skin and keep you fresh as a daisy.


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