Since the day Kylie Jenner has walked her way back to social media, fans can’t seem to get enough of her. Every single thing the new mom does is a highlight and people are always excited to know more. The 20-year-old also seems to be enjoying motherhood but that’s not all she is doing. Kylie has proved that she is quite the maintained mum, who also spends time with herself and on growing her businesses. However, the former has sparked a lot of criticism.

A part of the audience is of the view that Kylie is setting the expectations’ bar too low. She’s making mommy-ing seem like an easy-breezy task and promoting the idea that being a young mother is not tough. The makeup mogul has been shamed several times. Every time she posts a picture of herself looking flawless and not having baby Stormi around, people start to question her priorities. Many have even gone so far as to dictate what she should and shouldn’t be doing.

On Monday night though, the star melted hearts everywhere and her massive follower count let out a united ‘aww.’ On her Instagram stories, Kylie Jenner shared a few shots of herself sans makeup, with her hair in a messy bun, wearing a white sweatshirt, freckles on display. In her arms was Stormi, with her head resting on mum’s chest, the wind tousling the little girl’s hair. Kylie minus makeup is a rare sight but there’s no denying she doesn’t need it.

The young entrepreneur looked flawless to bits! Kylie’s stories featured a video in which Stormi is seen giggling mid-sleep, living the perfect life. “My happy baby 😂,” wrote the Reality TV star alongside the video. A snap of the two was also shared with a caption that read, “Our hair both a mess but😍 😝.” Kylie also posted a snap of her baby girl’s hands, captioning it, “She has the prettiest little hands.”

A source told US Weekly about how Kylie is playing her role as a mom, saying “Stormi has brought out a much softer side to Kylie.” “She’s a very hands-on mom,” further added the insider. But this doesn’t mean that the new mum is not spending quality time with herself and her boyfriend. She’s also promoting her new line in collaboration with her elder sister Kourtney. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her makeup looks.

To promote this new line Kourt X Kylie, Kylie recently shared a shot that shows her hourglass figure. Less than three months to giving birth, and this young lady has bounced back to pre-pregnancy body already! In her latest Instagram, Jenner is seen in a skin-tight grey shirt and white sneakers. She’s captioned the picture, “that look because KOURT X KYLIE just dropped on the site 👀” Jenner started waist training; wearing belts, only six weeks after welcoming her child.